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New rider, new member, new bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Diff, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Got my L's mid march and picked up my new (ish) bike on Saturday. Rode back from Mornington Ducati (those guys were fantastic!) Went along the coast to Edith Vale, up boundary road, Blackburn Rd to templestowe, across Foote St, heidelberg Rd and the Ivanhoe boulevard.

    Nerves wore off about half way when I had a break but it was so great!

    My new toy below :)

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  2. Nice wheels, welcome :)
  3. welcome aboard :) congrats on the LS and the bike.
  4. Welcome :cool:

    Lovely bike :)
  5. Welcome DiffDiff
    Congrats on the L's and new bike. Enjoy
    So which side of Melbourne are you at ? North or South ?
    Hope to see you out there.
  6. Thanks! I'm loving the bike! Already buying some farings and a tail tidy for a few small jobs on the weekend. I'm in Inner North, just near the Eastern Fwy.
  7. Thanks Jane! (Deaux - Like it. I see what you did there.)
  8. Thanks!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Welcome to NR...
  11. great looking bike Diff :) welcome to Netrider!
  12. Welcome to the joys of the road, and to Netrider!
  13. Welcome to NR.
    Awesome bike.
    Already got the pipe so the expensive add on is done.

    Come down to sat practice in Elwood sometime and show it off.
  14. Thanks! I managed to find a way to spend money on parts already... Protection pack and half of the style pack are on! Definitely coming down to practice. Got out again on the weekend, I need to find a carpark and practice some drills.

    Thanks looking forward to getting out on some bigger rides!!