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New rider, new GS500F

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozcoz, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hey all.
    Bike arriving Friday. New rider. Lots of country roads.
    Can't wait. I left my learners run a little late. Only 3 months left before I have to take the P test, and only getting around to riding now. Any hot tips?

  2. Welcome ozcoz, Sydney Learners sessions at Homebush depending on where you are. Meet some of the other Sydney crew. Have fun.
  3. I am in Albury, NSW. So a little far from Sydney and Melbourne. May be able to come up or down on occasion though. Needing to feel comfortable before tackling the Alp roads around here.
  4. Welcome! :)

    I left it late as well- but with regular riding I was able to pass my license test after 4 months.. If I can do it, you should be able to!
  5. Welcome, get out and ride as much as you can!
  6. welcome, congrats, and ride safely!!
  7. welcome ozcoz :) very happy for you buddy