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New Rider, New Gear - Decent enough?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cbwolf, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I passed my learners test only last weekend and i'm ecstatic to be joining other riders! It's fantastic fun!

    Bike wise, i'v gone with the usual CBR250RR and i'v just purchased all my gear today and i was just after some opinions on whether it's all decent enough - if not, i can always return it and get something more suitable as i havent ridden in it yet. Basically, i'll be commuting to work most days and also using it for weekend rides.

    This is what i'v purchased:

    Helmet: HJC AC-11 Dragon
    Jacket: DriRider Nordic Pro
    Pants: Draggin Jeans w/ knee armor pads
    Boots: Thomas Cook X-Sport
    Gloves: M2R Missile

    Any opinions on these particular items?
  2. I've got a pair of Nordic pants. Man, I hope you live in a cold climate! I wear them over my work pants up here and sweat like a pig in the warmer months. Come winter, though, they're awesome!

    Congrats on getting your bike and a big "WELL DONE!" on gearing up properly. :grin:
  3. Thanks cookee :D

    As for the jacket, it has a removable thermal liner and about 8 vent zips, so hopefully it'll still be alright during the summer. If not, the summer mesh jackets are only a couple hundred.
  4. D'oh, forgot about jackets having a liner. My pants don't have one. :(
  5. Congrats on passing your Ls! :applause:

    I had one of them - loads of fun :grin: . Also heaps of parts at wreckers if you need anything.

    As long is it's firm, but not painful. It should squish your cheeks without you chewing on them. That area will give with time. The forehead should have pressure, but not too much. That area won't give. You'll get headaches if it's too much.

    Excellent jacket \:D/

    You got the velcro-onto-the-kevlar-armor? Make sure the armor isn't going to move. Make pockets if necessary, but don't do that until you can test what the right position is for them by sitting on the bike. If you bought baggy jeans they'll be more trouble than they're worth. Better to get strap-on armor.

    I don't know your boots or gloves.
  6. The fact that you've gone out and got a full set of gear is great. As long as the gear is nice and comfortable it'll be fine, just remember to wear it :) .
    The best gear in the world won't help you if it's in your cupboard at home.
  7. Great stuff on spending up on the gear. You will find the more you get into riding the more you will buy. We have 2 wardrobes in the garage here, 1 for my gear and 1 for the wife.. :grin:
  8. You will melt in that jacket, get a summer one as well
  9. All are fine. Just get out and ride!
  10. I find draggins are OK as long as it is not wet or cold. Might be worth getting something waterproof as well and thermals under the draggins helps. If you watch the sales something will turn up. so far I've got 2 jackets, 2 pairs of pants 3 pairs of gloves and an array of fleece and thermals to cover the glorious melbourne weather.
    PS it can take a few days for the knee pads to loosen up and be comfortable.
  11. Yeh i actually found the draggin jeans to be pretty good. Wouldn't work if it was >10 degrees or wet, but for the majority of the time.
  12. I'm assuming you mean one for the wife's GEAR... :wink:
  13. HAHAHA! Hey, you just never know. :grin:

    Our garage wardrobe is getting too small for our gear, too. I've already told Mrs Tree I'm "moving out".
  14. Ok after riding for 3 days straight, today was pretty warm in Melbourne as you'd all know, and my god i cooked! Even with all the vents open, my jacket is way too hot! It's a great jacket, but my god it's so freakin hot in stop/start!

    So, i'v decided i definately need a warmer weather jacket. Could anybody recommend anything good?
  15. Depends how much you want to spend.

    I have an Alpinestars stunt leather jacket which has a removable liner and air holes in the front for ventilation. I find it is cool in summer. It was $650

    Or you can go textile its up to you
  16. I have a motodry summer jacket that is OK over about 25C.
  17. buy some leathers :wink:

    get ventilated leathers, ive got pants n jacket, they zip together if its cold, and i can wear thermals/layers underneath n im toasty in the cold. or plastics over the top if its wet, im dry as a nuns t*t :p come hot weather, i zip out the jacket liner, zip open the arm vents, zip down the front a lil, and its comfortable in the heat. not the best for stopping/lots of traffic, but i prefer to keep moving :grin:

    best of all, it will protect u, probably better than anything else.

    and the velcro knee armour with the draggins, try grabbing it from the outside, n move it up n down or around ur knee to the back. see how it moves? well whats gonna keep it in place to protect ur knee when u come off? :?

    get some separate knee armour, that straps to ur leg or something.

    congrats on the Ls, good work buying gear, some people barely bother! ive got soo much already, n ive only been riding 6 weeks lol.

    have fun :grin:
  18. Have you been riding in QLD? Coz Vic temps haven't exactly got hot yet. Come heat of summer - I'll be impressed if you can still wear your leathers :) My leathers also have vents, but I can only wear them into the early 30s before I need to switch to my draggins and mesh jacket. Depending on the riding, of course.

    I agree with your point, though, that leathers are more versatile than many will say. I wear layers underneath and they can keep a lot of heat in... keep it waxed for light rains... wet weather suit over the top when it pours... vents open when it's starting to warm up...