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New rider. new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stitch, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the site and will be new to riding. I've decided to ignore the advice of relatives and get a motorbike. Just wondering what bike would be suitable for a newbie. I was looking at the honda cbf250 and the kawasaki bikes, thats about when i realised i dont have a clue. Any advise would be appretiated.

  2. welcome stitch! i see you have found the right forum!!
    everyone is going to suggest something different when it comes to answereing your question but i think the main thing to do is sit on as many different 250's (if thats what you want, are u in nsw?) as possible and see which one fits you most.

    i like the zzr cause its light and comfortable, but there are plenty of learner legal bikes like that on the market!!

    dont forget about your protective gear either. its not cheap!!! good quality helmet, gloves, jacket, draggins, boots etc....it all adds up!!

    good luck with your purchase
  3. im in WA but yeah i'll be gettin a 250.

    Thanks, zzr is now on the possibility list. :)

  4. Hi Stitch, welcome to the forum. Depending on how much you want to spend you should have the Honda VTR250 high on your list IMHO. Very good learner bike that you wont tire of too quickly.
  5. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: both the people that have replied to you stitch (one of them being me!) have both suggested the same kind of bikes as they own :p . not like its that funny, but im bored and there is nothing on tv!

    carry on :cool:
  6. I am not suggesting GPX250 but GPX is a good one for a newie. :wink:
  7. Yo stitch, you'll get two kinds of advice, get a sweet 250 or a POS.

    If you want a good new one, go the vtr250 or the kwaka, they are the only ones that are still manufactured, the others are old, '97 or previous. They're both twins (one parallel the other a V) so sweet torque for a 250. Beware pricks trying to sell you old cbr250rr's, yammy fzr's etc as current models when they are old and only 'complied' in recent years. Complianced just means made to meet Aust design rules, they still old bikes.

    i got a vtr and fark do I have fun on it :grin: you wont lose too much money on a 250 cos their value is artificially high due to captive market of learners.
  8. What's your body size? How tall are you? What's your budget?

    What kinda bike you prefer? Naked or Fairings?

    I am quite new.. I should have gone for the naked bike but I chose one with fairings and I don't know why.. I'll just have to bear with the high repair costs if I drop it I suppose.
  9. I went fairings too. It may cost more to repair, but it just looks... so... sexy! :wink:
  10. oops, should probly have added that not all old 250's or grey imports are P'sOS, but just that you need to know what you're buying for your money. Do a bit of a search of the forum, lotsa this been covered before, and there is a cool buyers list of stuff to check in the new riders section it is well worth a look. See if any netriders near you to help you out when looking/testing for you first bike.
  11. and dont be afraid to ask questions, on here, at the bike shop, some guy (or chick) on a bike at the servo.
  12. i agree 100% :grin: fairings are very sexy...
  13. Nup gimme a naked bike anyday! :p
  14. also dont rule out the trusty hyosung 250
    they both come in naked and also with fairings
    and they are pretty decent and very easy to ride and plus u can buy them new so you will get the 2 year warrenty and also its a twin so it sounds horn as well
    but with any 250 u will soon crave a bigger bike
    just make sure that u stay as long as possible on a 250 as its a bike to learn on
    but whatever u get just enjoy it and keep it upright
  15. Im 6'2", not too heavy, $6k preferably. i have no preference to what bike.
  16. Hey Stitch, welcome aboard. Read the very helpful article on begginers buying a bike. Ask lots of questions and you'll probably get 10 X as many opinions from here but it definitely helps to make you take your time instead of rushing right in and making that impulsive buy.
    I started off wanting a Yamaha Zeal then changed to a VN Eliminator, thought about a GPX and Balius, but when I sat on that Hornet it just felt right. Like the advice given above sit on lots of bikes caress them, talk to them when she replies with a sweet sounding purrrr... that's when you know you've found her. :LOL: :LOL: :p
    Oh yes when you do sit on a bike try to get both feet on the pegs and imagine how that would feel after riding in that position for a couple of hours.

    $6k is a pretty healthy budget, just shop around for the right bargains, and make sure you get some decent gear. Well done for taking matters into your own hands the family and friends will come around.
  17. :) I have i nice old (pedal) bike out the back - ill trade it for that $6k??
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :cool: :?

    Good luck on the bike hunting
  18. Before I bought my bike I did a HELL of alot of research. CBR250RR for reliability, handling and performance. Or go for the Aprillas, RS125 or RS250 very quick bikes though....