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New Rider New bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kassar1909, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. It's been years in the making but I finally got around to getting my Learners for my bike and getting cruiser of my own.

    Have always love motorcycles since I was a little kid and got to go on the back of a Harley is one of the most vivid child hood memories I have.

    For years I have put off getting a bike for one reason or another but a heap of guys at work all decided we should get our licences and we just did it.

    I went all out and got a V Star 650 custom strait out most of the others have got 125s of some description or other but I figured I'll start with something that looks and feels like what I actusly want.

    Took it out for a short spin today nervouse as hell but loved every minute of it looking forward to practicing and improving my skills from total newbie to reasonably component

    Also look forward to chatting and getting some tips from other forum users

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  2. Awesome!

    And Welcome :cool:
  3. Welcome to NR Kassar1909Kassar1909 .
    you may find it is little more difficult having a 'larger' bike at the start but once you get used to it, you'll be having the last laugh as you cruise past your mates on their 125s:cool:
  4. G'day KassarKassar, welcome to Netrider. Congratulations getting your V-Star too! You've got one of the best motorcycling back yards in Australia to ride it.
  5. Welcome Kassar!!
    You will not be able to take the smile off your face. One week it will be 50 km ride and before you know it you and your friends will be heading out on a 500km adventure.......... ENJOY
  6. welcome aboard :) nice bikes v-stars
  7. Welcome to NR...

    Awesome bike there... Love the V-star.

  8. welcome to Netrider and congrats on the new bike Kassar! (y)
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    After what felt like a dream first ride yesterday I jumped back on the bike this morning and could get a thing right :/

    That's a bit harsh on myself I just kept stalling really. Where I live it is rather hilly and a fair few round abouts. I was on my way to a nearby parking lot to practice low speed riding. I was stopped at the first round about waiting for a car to pass then when I went to take off stalled it little embarrassing but hey I'm a learner its going to happen. stalled a few more times. Little more embarrassing. This round about is next to my local coffee shop. Car behind me waiting patiently so I move off to the side let traffic go, grab a coffee and take a few minutes to let my mistakes sink in.

    All I was doing was rolling off a little as the bike started moving at the friction point dropping the revs to low, stupid little mistake and easily corrected. So I went on my way to the parking lot and practiced getting the friction point right and slow starts wasn't as fun as riding around but it's something I need to do and get used too. I'm planning to head back to the parking lot for more practice next chance I get to ride.
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  10. Welcome to the forum, you will have good and bad days. Gradually the bad days will subside and you will be doing a lot of this stuff automatically. That's when you really start to enjoy the experience. Practice makes perfect. Jealous of you living in Australia's premier motorcycling state. ;) I need to get down there next season for a run.
  11. I love living in Tassie it's so laid back and roads are great. I used to be assistant manager at a pub near the "Spirit of Tasmania" terminal so many bikers agent through was great chatting to them when they arrived then again as they were leaving every single one was saying how great the riding is in Tassie.
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  12. Welcome, it's fantastic how you and a group from work decided to get bike licences. A great way to get into it, as your workmates are in the initial 'honeymoon' phase of riding and will be keen to get out there.
    My biggest tip is to 'ride your own ride', ride at your own pace and ability. As when things go wrong on a bike, it happens fast and can be deadly.

    As for losing you motorcycling mojo, I still occasionally have this happen after 38years on a bike. Try to analyse why, then slowly work on things, a smooth rider can be just as quick, wild riders tend not to be around that long.
    All the best
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