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New Rider, New Bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Gibo, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Hi there!

    I recently got my L's and just yesterday got a shiny 2007 GS500F to ride.

    Thought I would check out the forums to get any advice/things to do before and after I pick up the bike next weekend 8-[

    Decided on a GS500 since I am a bigger (*cough* fatter) person and I found the 250's just didn't have much go with me on it.


  2. Hi Gibo,
    You'll find the GS500/F is a very popular choice of bike for new riders and beyond. Many in here will talk very highly of that very capable bike.
    Welcome to the forum - you've definitely chosen the right place to seek any queries/info.
  3. Welcome to NR. Great bike there.

    Where you from?
  4. Sydney, Chatswood area.

    Don't know if I can wait the week out so my mate can drive it over from Cronulla for me. (I have not ridden on the roads yet, not game to ride across Sydney as a first project :( )

    I have one question, Insurance.. Compo or 3rd Party...?
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  6. Thanks for the link, :( looks like I wont be able to afford dinner this week, I hear comprehensive is delicious.
  7. Gibo, I recently joined NR from another forum and can only say the guys/gals and info you'll get from here is bloody good. Hope your mate gets the gs to you safe and sound.
  8. Got Comprehensive for $420 per year, good tip.. If you are under 25 and on your L's save $1000 and get insurance from your credit union!
  9. Welcome to NR mate....Enjoy your ride as i do ...hopefully will you see you down at the practice session...

    Ride safe..Cam
  10. Welcome along Gibo.

    The venerable GS500 is a fine choice for the beginning rider. Excellent machine for the purpose.

    As mentioned, the search function will turn up thousands of threads about them. In addition there are many other threads of advice for newer riders, including some outstanding how to stuff.

    This one in particular is a classic, and possibly a good place to start.