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new rider new bike super happy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 3lud13, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hey thought I might drop in and say hi picked up my new bike today super happy 2015 hyosung gv650 classic.
    Honestly I don't have allot of riding experience maybe 8 hours on a Honda cb125 for my Qride and now about 150km on my brand new 650 but can now get some experience.
    Would really like to find some people to ride with to help out with advice and stuff specially in high traffic areas as currently I'm not very confident but I'm sure that will change with continued riding.

  2. welcome aboard 3lud133lud13 :] if you check threads for rides and or training sessions in your area im sure you will get what you need
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  3. Howdy 3lud133lud13 and welcome.
  4. Welcome, mate my best advice to start getting your skills up, is to go through and practice all the basics on your new bike, get a feel of what your cruiser handles like stopping, emergency stops, slow riding. Riding in general getting you bum on seat and racking up some km, solo or with good riders. Happy riding stay safe.
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  5. Welcome to NR.

    Check the VIC section as there is a Saturday Practice session run by forum members aimed at beginners like you and me. Before you know it you will feel the improvements.
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  6. Thanks for the replies guys currently on my way to melbourne bought bike in Brisbane on holidays waiting night in Sydney as it got it's first service in morning will check out that Saturday morning ride when I get home
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  7. Welcome to NR....

    Check out the Saturday practice sessions in Elwood.
  8. Welcome mate . I can ride down with you if you want. Let me know
  9. I'm assuming you are talking about riding to the Saturday sessions at elwood
  10. Yeah that would be the one. I am hoping I can make it, been wanting to go but some thing has always come up. I only live about 200m from the BP. But happy to go for a cruise first.
  11. Welcome... See you out on the road sometime!
  12. Have fun!