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New rider, new bike, recently-new member. Hi :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cragv, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm Craig, I live in Macleod, and am newly addicted to riding.

    After wanting a bike for years, I finally got one! And my license too - last weekend, at HART Tullamarine. A mate who's moving to Brisbane soon knows I've been wanting a bike for some time, and in the last year or so, I've been wanting one more than ever! He had a 2005 Hyosung GT250R that he gave me on long-term loan (until I buy it from him for cheap; thanks Dan, if you ever read this - you rock). So with a bike in the garage, I finally went out and got my L's.

    Having never ridden a bike before last weekend, HART were just awesome, and since then I've ridden to work each day (to Mulgrave), and done some in between as well - I've managed to clock up over 500km in my first week of riding.

    I am hooked. I think it may be terminal.

    So I was riding in the hills this morning up near Kinglake (my first go on the 'twisties' - everything else has been suburbia, traffic and freeway) and I totally get riding now. It was fun enough commuting, but the hills were an absolute blast. I pulled over at one of the little townships there to have a drink, and a guy (Mike) on a black Ninja pulled in behind me. We got to talking, and he mentioned Netrider (which I had signed up for a while ago but hadn't really explored yet) and mentioned the Thursday night rides. So I checked out the Vic events forum, and am planning on heading down to St Kilda this or next Thursday.

    All in all its been a magic week, and as I get more comfy on the bike I'm having more and more fun. So I'm looking forward to meeting some folk on Thursday (and possibly on a Monday too, for the Mulgrave evenings at Fasta Pasta just round the corner from my work) - good stuff!

    Cheers :)

    ps. the camaraderie on the road today was great. Most riders gave me a friendly nod - something the commuting guys just haven't been doing. So I gleefully nodded back and just chuckled inside at how damn cool riding is. Like someone else said recently, how can something this fun be legal??
  2. Welcome aboard.. :grin:

    I am sure you will find plenty of good people on here to mix with..
  3. Welcome to two-wheels and all the fun that comes with it, Craig!
  4. welcome, this site is AS addictive as riding :grin:
  5. Welcome craig :)
  6. Thanks folks, good to be here!

    See you on the road :D
  7. Welcome.

    Good mate that lends you his bike to use.
  8. Hi Craig, welcome to riding and to Netrider. :grin:
  9. Thanks guys!

    Well, three weeks tomorrow since I started riding. By tomorrow night I'll have passed the 2000km mark too - and I've learnt so much in that time!

    From the riders who have stopped when I've been on the side of the road rummaging in my tank bag to the friendly nods and waves I get out and about, I am PROUD to be associated with this community, fellowship, brother(sister)hood - RIDERS! Awesome :)

    ...oh yeah, I'm hoping to hook up with a group ride or two soon. Cheers!
  10. Welcome aboard... :grin:

    Wasnt you on stopped at lights on Heidelberg rd at station st, Fairfield about lunch time to day was it.. :?
  11. Nope! I was just getting ready to hit the hills with a mate at that time.

    I have been seeing a few Hyo's around though. My yellow one is pretty easy to spot - I usually have a black tank bag and my big L plate hanging squarely under the number plate :)

    ...can't wait to remove that sucker in January!