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New rider-new bike and son about to start

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Devilcv8, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Had my bike L's many years ago but after a BIG scare in Sydney traffic I gave it away and didn't progress. Over the last year or so I've started thinking more and more about getting my bike license again and my soon to be 16 and 9 month old son has made the decision to get his. I picked up a cb250 and a cb400, both not running and requiring work but time has got away from me. Went into the RTA yesterday and got my L's (love country NSW) and today organised a new kawasaki GPX250 which I'll grab friday which my son gets for christmas. Until he gets his L's though, I'll be the one putting some kms on it.... Then I have to pull the finger out and get those damn cb's finished.

  2. Welcome Devilcv8 enjoy the time you have on the 250 before son gets his learners, cause i can tell you for certain, you wont see it again. :LOL: esp if he gets it during the holidays.

    Oh what part of country NSW?
  3. A new bike for christmas?

    Does your son know how great you are??? :wink:
  4. Charmed, between Canberra and the far south coast at the moment. I avoided the training by getting my L's down the coast.

    Rotorcycle, what can I say, he's a typical teenager, and as for how great he thinks I am,,,,,,,, well we nearly came to blows the other day, all over the fact I wouldn't give him the car keys until he used his manners. lol
  5. :LOL:
    Family huh? Why send your kids away to war, when you can have one in your very own living room. :LOL:

    I know how that is. (It wasn't all that long ago when I was just a punk teenager) :wink:
  6. If only my dad was that generous!! L U C K Y :p Have fun guyz :grin:
  7. Welcome Devilcv8

    Have a ball on the GPX and good luck on fixing up the CB's
  8. I got my new GPX a month or so ago. Fantastic! I think once you've ridden it you won't want to give it back to him.

    Maybe he should prepare now for the fact that he will need to make sure the CB250 is up and running so he has something to ride.

    You won't be getting off the GPX anytime soon!

  9. I hate you, my son is asking me for a bike but luckily he can't get his L's for another 2 1/2 years :grin:

    Welcome and enjoy the madness that is netrider :tantrum: