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New rider, new bike and new accessories

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by isako69, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. :cool: Please help, as a new rider, im indicicive in which 250cc i should buy, also where could you possibly purchase your clothing that is for big built people? could anyone suggest any retail stores or stores that will taylor make to your own fitting. cheers

  2. Welcome to the forums isako69,

    Have a walk around Elizabeth St. to Mars Leathers or Peter Stevens (right side of the shop, accessories staff are good).
  3. Current thread for Accessories stores in Melb here

    Tiger Angel, Underdog, Mars, Black Rose leathers will Custom make for you....check out the partner page and the links directory for more info.

    Brain dump of some/most of the stuff you are going to need to think about when getting setup for riding is here

    Also Peter Stevens is not your friend and there are a few other shops to be warry of...check out the shop review forum and judge for yourself.
  4. Thanks

    :grin: Thanks everyone for your useful information. Black Rose has come to the party with competitive pricing and made to measure....FANTASTIC..... As for Peter Stevens Dandenong, well, lets say there is 1 particular sales rep that doesnt know what good business practice is and has managed to UPSET a fair few lady bike riders that wanted to spend there money. BAD LUCK, i suggest they remove or better still sack this potentially dangerous employee and send all their reps from sales to workshop to some business education seminar that trains them how to be [u]HONEST, RESPECTING, AND BASICALLY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS WELL.[/u] is that tooooo much to ask for.
  5. Welcome to our fabulous forum, and as you've already found, if you can't find the answer here, the question hasn't been thought of yet :grin:

    Sales ability is short on the ground all over these days, but feedbak here seems to indicate a particular problem in the motorcycle trade. Bottom line is, no-one's got a monopoly on any product/service, so if you get treated badly, inform the manager, and inform him/her also that you are taking your business elsewhere and will be recommending your friends do the same.
  6. Hi isako69 , welcome .