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New rider (nervous)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Saml, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I decided on a Suzuki GS500 for my first bike. I really wanted a kawasaki EX500 but as soon as I sat on the Suzuki, I was comfortable and had a good feeling of being able to control the weight, or lift the bike up if I had to.

    I don't know wether it's been a good or bad thing reading so much, trying to gain from everyone elses wisdom and experiences, I'm becoming terrified thinking I will definately come off, it's inevitable.
    I hate this thought, what if I want to be riding when I'm a 60yr old lady, knowing I'll fall off? Can it not be done safely?

    I've been learning to ride building up my confidence, but at the moment I think my riding experiences are dominated by fear.

    I freaked out yesterday when it started to run a little rough, and stalled, was that the newness of the bike running in? They told me it would happen... or did I not remmeber what gear I was in and stall it myself.. Probably more likely the latter, but my point is, I'm so new and NOT much control.

    What if I hit a slippery spot on the road, a pot hole, something falls off a truck, a roo runs out in front of me.. on and on.. these are rational thoughts but if not handled properly will undo all my dreams to enjoy riding.

    I'm hoping some people can add to a few good, experiences, the joys, a bit of confidence that being so new, is just a step in a series of steps, and soon I'll feel better and be cruising.

    Do cops target people on bikes, am I at risk of being pulled over often?
    Whats the general idea here? Even if I'm riding safely?

    I bought all the protective gear I'd need except the boots and pants.
    Please don't shoot me down when I ask how many people full gear up before they head out? I'm interested in my own safety first, but so many people (not including some idiots who ride with tank tops, shorts n thongs) might be riding around with so much 'less'

    Are there any good merchandise 'internet' sites in Australia someone could share links with me? My choices are very limited (country town)
  2. [IMG:350:262:303a1c7ff8]http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f35/imogenmore/NewBike.jpg[/img:303a1c7ff8][/img]
  3. Wow, nice lookin' bike man! Welcome to the forum :)
  4. frist off welcome to the boards..... this stage you are going through is generally what most riders experience, and if you have a search around there and numerous times, you will find not many riders forget there first ride on there bikes..... As for gaining confidence, take it slowly and build up, i assume you have your car license, same thing when you start ou tin the car, being you never know what to except, but it just becomes second nature..... well same on a bike, but never forget EVERY CAGER IS OUT TO KILL YOU and your set. ;)

    As for gear, me personally almost 99% of the time, would suit up, from jacket/gloves,pants and boots..... to me the extra cost & time putting gear on is worth my skin+health..... but everyone has a opinion on whats min. riding gear.....

    cheers and welcome to the boards
  5. I find that bike riders get pulled over less. Unless the local cop(s) in your area hates bikes...
  6. i completely understand what you are saying. when i first started riding, i was always terrfied. constantly waiting for the inevitable off. even now, after rising for more than a year, i do ever so often scare myself. often i scare myself just thinking about something happening.

    i mean, often at intersections or when riding along parked cars or roundabouts, i have visions of unpleasent occurances. but i have contemplated what to do if it happens, how to react. that has helped. i have had to put into action what i had only contemplated. and so far so good. [most recently having to jump on the brakes at 110kmh cos someone decided to turn without signalling and i had to spilt between two cars].

    i practice stops often. i have reviewed routes that have strange black spots or crazy drivers and chosen alternative routes. i also try and ride as much as possible in different conditions.

    i think the key is to build up your level of confidence and ride to the extent you are comfortable. i find that reading as much as i can about riding really helps as does talking to other riders.

    about coming off, i only have one desired outcome - to walk away. and to ensure that, i always wear gear and ride in what i consider to be comfartbale and safe manner.

    ps: if there is something stupid another road user could do, he probably will.
  7. Welcome Saml, don't worry if you are nervous everyone is! I have been riding for about 3 months now and love commuting through traffic everyday etc done about 4,800kms.

    Had a couple of heart starter moments, generally when my concentration slackens, riding in the rain is fun :shock:

    Just ride and the nerves will settle down. It's amazing how quickly it starts to come togethor, I thought I would like riding but I love it could not imagine my life without it now!

    Fear is the natural enemy of success.

    I would look at www.motorcycle-accessories.com.au They are Netrider partner.

    Welcome to the mad house and nice bike!
  8. Good idea to start the bike up then put riding gear on, gives the bike time to warm up :)
  9. Hey Saml,
    Welcome to the Netrider community.
    I am a newish rider, passed p-plate in november 05.'
    I was a nervous rider to start with but soon gained enough confidence to ride and enjoy than always expecting something to happen.
    Ive had a few issues on the road but i live pretty much right in the city. I have 4 lanes of traffic and peak hour to deal with every day.
    You get used to it and it becomes 2nd nature to be very aware of whats going on around you.
    ALWAYS make sure cars can see you, I tend to sit behinf the right hand side so i can be seem in right mirror. Dont get too close and always be prepared. Look ahead and scan the road ahead.
    If you ride out in the country then i expect you will have different things to look out for. Wildlife mostly come out at night so try not to be riding in the dark. Lorry's are not likely to drop stuff (from my ridin) potholes and road surface are things you cant predict but you need to be able to be confident to control a situation as it arises.
    I would get your bike into an open space or empty road that you know and test your countersteering and hard braking, even your accelaration. That way you will understand how you and your bike will handle a sudden change of direction or speed. YOU need to be in full control of the machine and confident in its ability to out manouvre and stop. You also need to be confident you can control your bike.

    I would recomend getting pants and boots...if you do hit the ground, it wont just aim for your jacket, everything will impact and the gear you wear will determine your injury.
    I always have my Draggins and my jacket, boots and gloves and helmet.
    I like my body without the scars .

    Confidence in your bike and yourself to handle it is the main thing.
    I was always told at some point you will come off, and I did.
    Wasnt a fast fall and i was in control of putting the bike down, I didnt lose my train of thought and i managed to come off very slow and did no damage to my bike.
    Now that I have came off wont mean it will never happen again.

    Waking up some mornings is dangerous, going outside is worse. But the enjoyment i get out of my bike and the freedom to go wherever is greater than worrying about what might never happen.

    Think happy thought not oh god im gonna fall, then you might just follow your head.

    where are you from ? is the bike a LAMS bike ? Whats your experience on bike before now ?

    Enjoy the bike thats why you bought it I guess.
  10. First up.
    You are in a country town. that i personaly believe is teh best place to learn. i am very thankfull that my first riding was Around Ballarat and Daylsford. it gave me a chance to get used to riding before having to deal with tight trafic and the insanities of city riding.
    Go full gear. You may not need a piece of it at a given point in time, but better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
    Fear. Fear is what keeps us sencible and keeps us alive. Don't fear your fear, understand it, control it and listen to it. sometimes it gives you really good warnings you wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

    It sounds like you have a healthy approach to riding, and you will build your skills and confidence. it won't happen quickly, and if it starts tohappen to quickly do a bit of a double take and check that you aint getting cocky.

    I have dropped a bike once, and i have had some silly scary things happen (Black ice on a highway being the worst) but I have learnt from all of it, and am a better rider for it. take care, give yourself space, and you will still be riding when you are "a 60yr old lady".
  11. Damned Timeouts Causing double posts
  12. Damned Timeouts Causing double posts
  13. the thing about fear or nervous is to prevent it from becoming an obstacle, a hinderance. Channel into a positive by using its engery to maek you more alert nad focused. acknowledge your fear. its not going to be a problem if you use it for your benefit.
  14. ive been riding for 20 years. im on the tail end of 10,000k oz trip. the first thing i learned was- its not if you come off, but when. in your first year, expect bumps, bruses, scrapes, and broken plastic. wear all of your gear. only with experience will you know what 'not' to put on that day. but even now, i do stupid stuff. i havent had an exhaust burn in 15 years, riding in short pants the other day, i got one. 10 months ago, i was hit by a car. shit happens. congrats on getting on 2 wheels. enjoy it. if you dont scare the living crap out of yourself in the first year, it will become a life love. hope to see you friday night.
  15. Hey if you want some more hands-on tips, you could always get in touch with a Netrider mentor if there's on in your area... If not, put up a post in the thread and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to help you out with some words of experience and things to work on:

  16. Do a defensive driving course if you are a bit nervouse cause you would be suprised how much they teach you that you dont know and as it is defensive driving you can easily traslate it to a bike
    If you are riding around daylesford ballarat area just take a bit more care in the colder spots but Im tipping if you live up there you already know where the icee spots are :grin:
    Anyway nice bike and dont worry confidence comes with experience just never get overconfident :)
  17. Hi and welcome.

    I have the same bike ....at first it felt heavy but after a few weeks of riding around the block of my house I used to it ,there a good bike the gs500 and easy to ride.
    You "might" have trouble finding Neutral some times ,{it's the bike} ,i had trouble ,but only after 1500km did the gear box loosen up and make it easy.
    see GSTWIN.COM for bike history and info tips ect.

    Have fun and take your time , i was shitting at first and some times i still am.
  18. some great tips here from riders ive been reading all day great site to help newbies like us try and get confident on the road..great stuff
  19. I have only been riding for aboout a month and have been going through pretty much everything that you have mentioned.

    It is a big step to be out on the roads all alone, but it has been well worth it for me so far. Being out in the country means that you don't necessarily have the same amount of traffic as if you were in the city, but I have found that it is generally going a lot quicker! Trucks seem to thunder past, particularly when they are going in the opposite diection, and people catch up with you very quickly. The only good thing that I can say about that is that they are gone really quickly!!

    Don't forget that you don't *have* to go the speed limit. If you aren't comfortable with it, then don't go that fast. It will become easier and easier the more you practice. I am not saying be deliberately slow and hold trafic up- but you really need to ride within your limits all the time. The moment you don't is when you will make a mistake and stuff things up. Remember also that you can always pull over to the side of the road if you are getting flustered by some dick behind you who is travelling too close.

    Most of all just try to relax and enjoy the ride. The reason I started riding was mostly that I didn't want to get old and always be saying "gee- I wish that I had gotten my bike license". The whole thing is meant to be fun- if you are too stressed out I can guarantee that you won't enjoy it.

    I also have been wearing all my gear all the time- including boots and pants, for protection from falling and from the bloody cold weather we get here in Griffith.

    Have Fun!!!
  20. I find if you take 2-3 shots of whisky and a valium before riding, it will calm your nerves :wink: