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New rider needs gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lukestuart1, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Hey guys.
    I am new and will be getting my first bike within a few weeks (hopefully)
    So i will need to get some gear, I already have a helmet so it looks like i will need jacket, pants, boots, gloves, disc lock.

    Where is a good place to grab gear from, i know it depends on budget, im thinking around $800-1000 for the above gear, I would prefer leathers, but i guess if at this price it is out of the question, Textile gear will do.

    I am located in south western Sydney and was having a look at the clearance stuff at Sydney City Motorcycles and some of the stuff there didnt look too bad.

    Also, any specific gear that you recommend for this budget.

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  4. Go to Parklea Markets, they have good quality motorcycle leather jackets, pants, and 1 piece suits. Its a hit and miss though with the sizes as they dont stock all sizes.


    I got a Cortech HRX Series 2 mesh/leather Jacket for $90. I had to scab an elbow armour and waterproof liner from another Cortech jacket though and stitch a very small section of the zipper area. All in all its a great jacket, sturdy and a great buy.

  5. Once a year Aldi have motorbike gear. Its all pretty good and cheap. However, its probably not going to happen again until August. Maybe you could pick up some on ebay.

    That cortech jacket looks pretty good for $90

    I've seen some good stuff in the pawn shops on occasion - might be worth checking out.

    I've heard that the takamii gloves are pretty good. With your limited budget I wouldnt be looking to spend more than $100 or so on gloves. These would hopefully be a longer term prospect than cheaper ones.

    Bear in mind that you will probably need different gear for summer and winter and wet weather gear and so maybe plan of acquiring more gear over time as required. This seems to be what is happening for me. I started out with about $1000 worth of gear and now 6 months later Iam buying a nice jacket just for summer and spending some serious bucks on it.
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  7. Hi lukestuart1 and welcome on board.

    Read this, this, this, this and this thread.

    Before you order anything off the web if that's what you want to do go in to a store try it on for size be certain about it then order online.
  8. +1. When I suggested you shop locally I meant go where you can try stuff on.

    The web will let you know what stuff is selling for, then you can bargain for yourself.
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    Yeah it was a good buy and seems to be a very good mesh. I actually just wanted a cooler jacket for warm/hot weather after getting dehydrated being stuck in peak hour for 1 1/2 hours. The half leather makes this a bit hotter than normal mesh but far better in terms of protection.

    The padding and material is far thicker and better than the ALDI one (I also have this jacket), its also allot cooler and the ALDI jacket. The ALDI back padding is like 1/3 or 1/4 the thickness and the ALDI shoulder and elbow is foam while the Cortech is thick foam/plastic.