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New Rider (Moved to Corect Forum from Ride Announcements)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeorgy, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hey i'm a new rider i just got my Q Ride and i was wondering where is a good place to get all my gear i'm in Brisbane. Cheers

  2. Re: New Rider

    Welcome to NR. (y)
  3. Re: New Rider

    welcome to NR, ride down for this weekends GP and buy stuff at Philip Island! :) am kidding of course. welcome and enjoy the ride
  4. Welcome Jeorgy, I come from a state down under so not up with Brisvegas stores. I am sure some of the other QLD members will be able to help you.

    Moved your thread by the way, be careful to post in the correct thread or you will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. ;)

    And I just noticed my spelling in the title change is lousy, Doh! ;)
  5. Welcome! Try Moss Street in Springwood. Lots and lots of shops clustered together so prices are usually good.
  6. Hi there Jeory - Nice to meet you, and welcome to NetRider.

    Sheepy's right. She usually is. LOL. Moss Street is a great place to start looking. Also, around the corner at 98 Kingston Rd - at Springwood Suzuki.
  7. Hey Jeorgy. From what I've experienced so far, if you can buy off the shelf you'll be able to get gear pretty much anywhere. If you might need to try on sizes first that aren't commonly stocked/request specific models of some gear, that changes things. I've had some bad experiences with the Pro guys whereas Teammoto have bent over backwards to help me (requested specific items, and in tiny sizes) without obligations to buy/make a deposit/etc. So they get my vote... :)