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New rider/member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rudy84, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Hi, I joined here a few months ago and have now had my L's long enough to book my MOST.

    I'm sure my CF MOTO 150 won't make me the most popular guy on the forums but it turns out it's actually not a bad bike to learn on. It gets me to work every day and can comfortably cruise over 90 km/h on the highway which is as fast as I'm legally allowed anyway. If I can pass my test on it, it's done it's job in my opinion. After that I'll gladly pass it on and think about upgrading.

    Although I commute daily and am reasonably confident in riding, I'm going to appear at an upcoming learner session or two to get a feel for the technical parts of the test. The general opinion I've heard is that if Ive been riding every day and exposed to all sorts of traffic conditions, I would already have the skills necessary for the test. I still fell like I'd fail though because I've never attempted anything like a cone weave, and I naturally want to put my foot down for balance while going slowly around objects or u-turning.

    I hope to see some of you soon. High 5s for anyone else proudly riding a CF MOTO.
  2. Welcome buddy. All of us here love riding motorcycles. Don't be ashamed about your chosen ride, as long as it makes u smile then that's all that matters. Good luck at your most test. My only advice is not to rush it and do your head checks before u take off.
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  3. Welcome, no one cares what you ride, as long as you enjoy it and aren't' a bigger dick than the rest of us.
  4. Welcome to the forum.
    My first ride was pretty embarrassing, but hey, it was fun.....
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely don't brag about my bike haha. Every person I've ever told about my bike has never even heard of CF MOTO.

    I'm really disappointed that I missed the learner session today. I'll definitely be coming next week if its on.