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New rider/member from the Riverina

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Satchello, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Hi, i have been a learner rider for the past month having been a late starter (mid 30s).

    My bike is a 2015 CB400A and im pretty smitten with it!

    I plan on doing some cruising but at the moment mainly just commuting plus some fun short rides (a little time poor with two young children).

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  2. Welcome to Netrider Satchello! ....you are only a youngster (compared to me anyway haha!)
  3. Welcome SatchelloSatchello! I'm a late starter myself, being 33 I only got my moto learner's two years ago and I'm enjoying the riding immensely since then
  4. Welcome, the CB400 has quite a following around here. Even having its own thread, I am sure you will enjoy it as a bike.
  5. I think the cb400 to be an excellent bike. And love those little one, they are most important.
  6. welcome aboard :]
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    Welcome SatchelloSatchello, pffft mid 30's around here you're considered a junior ;).
  8. Welcome Satchello, I'm in my 40's and just beginning. Also, new to NR - nice to do social media and not be abused. Folk on here all seem helpful.
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  9. Howdy & Welcome to both NR and the CB400 riders club :)
  10. I have been trying to digest that thread! Quite long, but full of great info. Including exhausts... The standard one is on the quiet side (not necessarily a bad thing) and that thread is what made me find NR.