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New rider ! Loving it

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ptbl, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I'm from Vic aus & I have a 09 megelli with 9000ks as my project since early this year.. Been fixing her up & trying to get her ready for rego & rwc standards

    So far I have fixed all electrics & some minor mechanical work & added a trickle charger cause all bikes should have them. here's some photos

    Before & after:
    some damage From previous owner

    ripping it apart was fun & very simple todo:)

    New pics :



    Note: my car in the backroumd was sitting so high in the last pic is because it was on jack stands so I could lower her)
    After a good clean & an oil change turned out good don't you think?

    Just needs new spark plugs & it will be running once again

    Will be changing pads all round once bikes running & new fuel offcourse will update if & when I do things cheers.

    Previous owner didn't take care ofit.so now I will be

    My first bike & loving it;)

    By the way thanks to the fellahs @ stoneycreekmototcycles down in Sydney for parts :)

    Comments/criticism welcome it's good to have some feedback regardless of its good or bad.

    & one of my car :
  2. looks good, welcome aboard to NR :) enjoy the ride !! thats what its all about :)
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  4. Mods delete post number 3 double post, yeah their nice looking bikes will let you know how I go cheers.
  5. Love the look of those things. Makes your XR6 (8?) look a bit boring TBH - ditch it I say, carrying more than 1 passenger or gear is overrated.

    Can't say I looked over it too much to see what the build quality was like, but there was one that used to park next to me in town and it looked the biz be happy to have one myself.
  6. Ones opinion I suppose, it's a xr6.. It's fun to drive it's now dumped on ultras :).. It's never boring to drive!.. Suit me fine no idea how long I'll have it for & what I should get after it.

    With those bikes i have to say they have a really shotty build quality & I'm sure of it.. Yo once I get over it I'll be buying a yamaha r6 after I sell the megelli.
  7. Just stirring ptbl, I should stop being so lazy and drop in an emoticon from time to time.

    Shame about the build quality though. I know everything is built to a price but they got the design so spot on its a shame they didn't carry on that level of detail to the build.
  8. All good man, doesn't phaze me..

    Now that I own a megelli, would I buy one in future again .. Simple answer yeah in a heart beat.. Straight after I sell this I'll be going for the 6sp 2011-2012 liquid cooled until im off my ps.

    If anyone is thinking of buying one I say gofor it! To own one you need tO have some mechanical & electrical experience

    Bad points : not many people have heard of megelli, & theirs only about 2 shops in Melbourne that sell & fix them.
  9. Well just a QUICK update yesterday I got the bike working again starts first go!

    What was done:
    Had to re-connect fuel line plus added new hose links all round
    Changed all plugs all round
    Fixed wiring (from previous owner) they were absolutely toasted Probably the reason why it wasn't turning over

    was a treat.. Great Melbourne weather :)

    In the driveway doing the work.. Man the looks I got from people walking by & also complements




    Next update will be with numberplates & new fairing! :)
  10. just watch out for the kickstand vaulting you into a tree when ever you take a left hander quickly.
  11. Lol sorted that out already .. Got it removed further up . Was The first thing I did.
  12. I seriously thought that that kick stand issue was only the One that was sent to that Dude in the video. IE they sorted the stand out way before we got them here in Australia ? ?

    I have the 2011 250s and it is having a little bug at the moment. it is missing when I come home from work.

    When I say missing, I mean not firing for a moment then Backfiring. when it is happening, it is only when I am Grabbing a fist full of throttle, and not always, IE if I wind it out a bit, then go for a fist full, it will not happen. but if I go for a fist full from low down it will happen.

    It happened yesterday on my way home from work. but only after having already traveled 22kms this morning it was fine on my way to work, and again it happened while on my way home from work about 23 km this time.

    Anyone have any Ideas as to what it may be ?
  13. Before u do anything check to see ur lines aren't ripped.. Their brittle & tell me if that was the issue.
  14. As far as I can tell they are not. After that post, I rode from Hornsby to Brooklin Bridge, and it happened a little as I turned around up there. I also rode it to work this morning, and it happened in the last 1km (after already having travled 25k's, without any issues).

    Craig a t Stony creek just told me to look at the plugs. but if it is not that it may ?? be a coil pack. either way he was wanting me to bring it in for them to have a look at, I probably will do this Friday if its not the plug or Fuel line.

    I will have a good look around at the Fuel lines later and get back to you on that.
  15. Yeah sweet, best bet if you can't find the problem surely the boys at stoneycreek sort it out

    My second thourght check plugs also not to sure bout the coil packs.

    Goodluck will be waiting for ur reply.
  16. There is a new updated fuel tap/cock assembly that will eliminate that problem, also there a few updates now for the new 2011 Megelli that will help your little run better, not to forget jets for that carby depending on the model it runs.

    If wiring is fried, have to find original problem, don't re wire until sorted, check all earths and regulator/rectifier unit.

    Any issues or questions please call me at the shoroom at FX Powersports ask for Al, Cheers and good luck
  17. [​IMG]

    It's complete! just need to get all The rwc sorted.
  18. quick video i took

    the vibrations u hear is the windscreen bouncing offthe front cowling i forgot to put the screw back on