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New Rider looking to create short ride with group

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jypt, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Anyone interested in creating a short 1-2 hr ride this Saturday 7th October around the eastern area (Dandenong hills)

    The weather looks like its going to be great.

    I am a reletivley new rider (and loves to ride) that would like to go on a short ride to gain some advice and experience with other riders.

    I am looking at a nice cruise through the hills.

    As I am in Rowville Victoria it would be great to get some interest from some one out there.

    you can email me direct at jypt@tpg.com.au
  2. Welcome to Netrider, the place for riders! (and those who wish they could, or were!)
    Why don't you check out the Events Section for Victoria? There may well be a ride or two organised already (in fact I'd be amazed if there weren't...)
  3. Did that, nothing there.
  4. Slack Victorians, there's a couple of small rides and a big one on over the next few weekends up here in New South :p :LOL:
  5. Hi jypt yeah I should be free to go for a cruise on Saturday. What time were you thinking of going? Where do you want to meet?

    Oh and welcome to the forum Neighbour. :)
  6. Welcome jypt.........
  7. pm me with your details and i'll see what we can do.

    cheers Scheff
  8. Thanks for the reply

    For anyone that wants to take it further give me a call on 0425 778 720

    If we can get a ride going say 10:00am going through the hills a back to Knox-Dandenong area that would be fantastic.

    Note: I cant send private messages as i am not allowed due to being new on the system. (I need at leasts 5 posts) I guess I have to earn my stripes.
  9. Its better to hit the mountains a little earlier so there will be little traffic. Weekend is looking like a pearler! Every man and his staffy (only said that because i had a dream about one that was trying to kill me) will be out..

    This weekend the Mrs and her friends have organised a weekend away to lorne so damn i have to ride down because no room in the car.
    I just dread that hour and a half sore ass of a road down there.
  10. The ride is on.

    There is going to be a ride from Doncaster up thru Warrandyte and Healsville on Saturday 7th.

    Meeting at Cnr Blackburn and Doncaster rd Mc Donalds @ 9:00am Sat 7th

    Full details will be posted on event calender by im.on.it

    hope to see you on it.
  11. Hi jypt, Welcome.

    I live around your area... unfortunately, I am usually busy on the weekends..so, can't join you there... I will see you around on the road... have fun.
  12. Ride posted to clander awaiting admin approval.

    Come on cash you gotta go on some fun rides... not just commutes. ditch the wife and kids for a few hours... :grin:
  13. Sounds good for noob riders like me, I haven't been on a group ride yet. Cya there.
  14. I'd come along, but I want to go to the bike expo... do'h! :(
  15. Go to the expo after mate ride will be over by noon
  16. Hi jypt,
    I'm new at this too! I'm hoping to do a Black Spur/Marysville ride saturday, should be in Yarra Glen by 10-00am, anyone interested welcome to come along.
  17. hahaha... I think she will file for divorce sooner or later...
    You have fun.. Already got plans to go fishing..
  18. with any luck sooner rather than later, ya don't want to miss all the good riding weather coming up! lol!

    Hey mods I'm joshing!!! well maybe!!!
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