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New Rider looking to change bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hicksey11, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals.

    I have had my license for about 2 and a half months (going for P's on 5th of May). I have a 1994 ZZR 250, but I'm wanting to sell it and buy a honda spada. I was wondering if this is a wise move or not.
    The ZZR has 42000kms and the spada 23000.
    I mostly just ride around town and sometimes between towns.
    No highway/freeway riding as yet because I'm about 2 hours away from one.
    I can sell the ZZR to one of my mates and still have change after I but the spada.

    What are your thoughts.


  2. if you aren't going to lose money then, why not?

    not really much advie we can give you on this, ride both, whichever one you like more then keep it

    although someone very wise once said "better the devil you know than the devil you don't"

    .... okay that might have been my mum.
  3. ZZR has plenty of parts available and most are cheap, been around for yonks. Spada ended it's short 2yr (?) retail life in Oz in 1992 and even then most of those bikes were from late 80's stock piles in Japan afaik - many are grey imports. So parts aren't quite common and not so cheap.

    I was chasing a Spada myself but I found the GPX instead. Mate of mine has a Spada and they're great bikes bar the small tank.
  4. If it's purely an economic decision, be sure to factor in registration transfer fees, stamp duty, road worth certificates (and the associated work), catching up on maintenance work on the new bike (current owner might have decided to sell a while ago, and so might have stopped spending non-essential money on it), differences in running costs (insurance, fuel consumption, parts prices and availability), etc.

    I'm quite terrible with money, and so I doubt I'd manage to come out on top financially. You might be more disciplined.

    If, however, it's because you like the spada more then go for it!
  5. As has been mentioned, if the transfer is because you want/like a spada, then it is probably worthwhile.

    Although....there's nothing much a zzr won't do that a spada can and vice versa (some nicer, some not), The mileage on the spada should not be taken as gospel.

    As much as i like the spada, i believe when it comes time to sell either bike there is probably larger market for the ZZR, ie it will be easier to sell for more.
  6. The guy sold the SPADA on me. Bastard.

    Anyway wasn't meant to be.