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New rider looking for some advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hs001, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. I am finally pulling the thumb out and going to go for my WA motorbike licence over the next few weeks. Law states that you can only get up to a 250cc for your first 12 months. Any biker gurus on care to give me advice on what a good bike to get for Perth is? I have rode / driven bikes in Europe before (100 - 250cc) but only for about 6 months in total so not that really experienced.

    a)I am looking at buying second-hand.
    b) Want something that is fairly light on the ol-juice.
    c) Want something that will no nicely for Sunday afternoon drives up into the hills but something i can take off-road if desired.
    d) Something that is easy (and cheap) to get parts for / fix if the things breaks.
    e0 Something that will handle a pillon passenger if the need arises.
  2. Hi Pakske. Thanks for the heads up. Any reason why you recommend these bikes in particular?
  3. search for them in the 'bike reviews' section

    main reasons are;

    more comfortable
    one has neato boot thing :D
  4. i wouldn't recommend taking either the ZZR or Across off road though... :LOL:
  5. The Across's "neato boot thing" means you can lock your helmet & gloves safely out of sight while you're away from the bike.

    But I reckon you should try to test-ride the Across, the ZZR250 and the GPX250, then buy whichever one you like best.

    They'll all do the job for 12 months, it's really a matter of personal preference.
  6. ummm, i doubt that those are gunna do the off road thing very well :LOL:

    i think what you might be after is a TTR or XR, 4 stroke road registerable dirt bikes. not the fastest things, but will still do 100 easy enuff. both have nice comfy seats (as opposed to those wedgies they have on a lot of pure dirt bikes these days) and shouldn't be tooo bad on fuel, but i've never ridden one far.

    but if dirt isn't a priority, then grab a ZZR/GPX for sure. they're both good for around 350ks a tank, comfy as and would have enuff grunt to carry a pillion if you needed to. tho i'd be inclined to get something bigger if that was going to happen too often.....
  7. well you don't want anything too petrol consuming but at the same time has a little bit of go there for I reccomended the ZZR it is a twin cylinder and the Across is a 4 cylinder this means generally speaking that the ZZR has more torque and the Across has a good high end.

    My friend had a ZZR-250 on his L's and he loved the bike I rode it twice and I thought it was a great bike to start out with but also keep if you don't have the money to upgrade, it has a fake petrol tank that is actually a compartment to store things in if you intend to travel with it.

    I haven't riden an Across but I hear good things for it being a beginners bike some people make fun of them and I haven't got the slightest idea why many people on this forum have both ZZR's and Across's. If you want something a little more eye candy and less of a travelling bike you can try the Honda VTR250 that is a VTWIN with plenty of torque and a mean sound, I've had a go on one of these and they are pretty fun, a little less economic though.

    Totally Agree if you need something to go off road listen to Coconuts and ignore what I have said
  8. How did I miss the "off-road" bit??? D'Oh! :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Okay, forget any of the bikes I mentioned. Go get yourself a chook-chaser instead.
  9. I've never owned a quacker, but the KLRs look like good value. I guess they are not rad enough for the dirt bike sect.

    Still, they should be a good all rounder. for bombing around up round Kalamunda.

    suzuki did a DR250 which was exactly the same as the 350 (except for engine sizes, smart arses). Could do the sneakky and slip in the bigger engine. Or just wait untill you are off your Ps.

    The dirt bike sector has heeps of hot bits too. Maybe investigate that side of thing before makeing your final decission.
  10. I reckon an Honda XR 250 would fit the bill perfectly. No pillion facility though. You can pretty much do anything on these bikes, but it wouldn't be very good for touring down south. But a blast up into the hills and out on some fire trials, it would be perfect. Easy to fix. Cheap to run. Bullet proof. Best of all the are also idiot proof!!

    A Suzuki DR 250 would also be a good choice, but I think these are slighly more expensive due to being water cooled. This could either be an advantage or disadvantage in the extreme heat that you can get over in WA.

    Watch out for the pea gravel!!!
  11. The only thing in a 250 (that I know of) that is likely to be able to do onroad and off road duties would be to get a 250 dirt bike and convert it into a motard for getting around on the street and switch back to a dirt setup (tyres, wheels and sporkets and chain) when you want to hit the dirt.