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New rider, looking for CB125

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Devery, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm going to go for my license soon and I'm looking for my first bike. I've been looking for a Honda CB 125 but I cant seem to really find them in a ready to ride condition (I don't mind getting minor things fixed) or even ones that are not.

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get one of these bikes in Melbourne? Is it better to import it from somewhere. Or does anyone know of someone who has one, some collectors?

    Any help and even advice on this bike would be much appreciated!

    I've also looked at bikes like the yamaha rx 125, so anything similar too these bikes would help too!

  2. They're both highly unusual choices and not commonly found bikes mate. You'd be doing well to find either in any condition worth fixing. Are you planning to ride on the road or go bucket racing? :)
  3. why have you decided on this bike?

    (and clearly you have never driven a high powered bucket before, seany :p)
  4. There's a CBX-125 at Cash Wreckers in Sydney, they only want $400 for it :LOL:

  5. Not knocking your choice of bikes .. ( well maybe I am )
    but Why a 125? Not much good for freeway/highway use & I'd imagine you'd tire of it in no time.
  6. Not that I can figure out what you mean by that :? It was a serious question and "high powered bucket" is an oxymoron anyway.

    I used to own a Kwaka KV100 and Yamaha AS3125, wouldn't they count? :)
  7. I've driven a high powered bucket bong, and it had heaps of pull
  8. Dirty Girl.
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I just want the bike to commute around and ride it into work. So no racing or anything.

    You can knock my choice of bike :p and I'm sure a few, if not most of you, will. But I guess I've just fallen in love with the way they look, and the idea of a 125 suits me fine for my first learning bike...

    Seany: I like the look of both of those bikes (maybe more the Yamaha), and thats the thing, I think I like the style. So really I guess I'm asking if anyone knows where ANY of these bikes are hiding! hehe.

    I found a 1980's cb125 last night for sale, but I like the look of the 70's models a bit more.

    So does anyone know of a bike that is easy to find that fits my needs?

    Thanks again everyone! :)
  10. Actually Seany, the more I look at the Yamaha AS3, the more I like it, very nice. Exactly what I'm looking for.
  11. Not easy to find either though.

    Your best bet would be to drive around the country, stopping at every farmhouse and asking what broken down bikes they have in their sheds. Farmers store some fantasic old bikes in sheds simply cause they can't be arsed paying the disposal fee at the tip. :)

    Could be a long process though.
  12. A lot of old 70s 125s and similar of various makes come up on eBay in the Classics and Collecter section of the bikes. Places like Central Motorcycles might help http://www.centralmotorcycles.com.au/ , though I prefer to buy private and pay half the price for the same thing. I can understand your attraction to these bikes, they're pretty cool... If it was me I'd be considering the two strokes also - eg the Suzuki GT125 comes up a lot...

  13. Thanks Matt, that websites great. The bike I like too.. I've just emailed them so I'll see what they have to say. Know of any more sites like this one? I think I'll need to start emailing places like this.

  14. You might like the way they look, but I think you will find that you will be wanting more of a bike after a few months, at least thats what I would feel like.
  15. I ride a push bike with only one gear at the moment so I think it will be more than enough bike :p
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  17. Thanks Seany! I've talked to the owner, just going to get a mate to look at it for me.. I'm crazy, but I like the look of the 70's models better... God I must be annoying :S But still, I'm considering it :)
  18. And he sold it...

    So still looking for one. The classics and collectors on ebay is pretty good too.
  19. Ok, as you all suggest, its pretty hard to find these bikes...

    Does anyone know of any bikes that are in production today that would fit what I am looking for?

    I'll find some links of bikes I like.

    Thanks :)

    Anything like these or the yamahas mentioned above

    Just need to be under 250cc.

  20. Kawasaki Z200, old Suzuki GS125... Modern SR250 Classic... I'm surprised you're having trouble, if you've a broad enough preference a lot of stuff comes up on eBay from the 70s...