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New Rider Insurance.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 2Fast, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Ok, heres the low down.
    I'm planning on buying a bike in the next few months, it will be my first bike
    im planning on something like a CBR250RR or a ZXR250, my main question is, insurance.

    I've been told its best to get comprehensive insurance as it will also cover me
    in the case of an accident. Ive tried getting an estimate from NRMA but they
    wont insure the CBR because its an import, and the quote for the ZXR was around $4400, as a 17 year old in a part time job, this is just far to high.

    So, do you recommend i just go for third party property insurance, which would cost around $700-900 for the CBR, didnt ask about the ZXR. Does anybody have any horror stories about this kind of insurance? Or is it
    common for new riders to only go for third party? Also are there any insureres you guys know about that will comprehensively cover the CBR?

    Been Reading Netrider for about a week now, as i stumbled upon it while searching the net for bike crap. Seems like a great group of people willing to help out the newbies.

    Thanks alot, hope to meet some of you guys once i get on the bike.
  2. try qbe they specialise in motor cycle insurance nrma quoted me $900+ and it was only 495 with qbe...
    $4400??? get a different bike that is way 2 excessive you could almsot purchase a second bike for that, what state r u in?
  3. I'm guessing you have no 'no claim bonus' from insurance already due to your age. Your lack of experience, record and age are all against you, then choosing a sporty (and often binned by learners) bike are going to put you behine the eight from the start (no offence meant :)). While $4400 is rediculous, if you really want that bike you are going to face the insurance problems realted. How dead set are you on a pirate bike (RRRRRRRRR)? I'm with QBE and have rating 1. Riding a spada as a learner (24 with good driving record) i pay 370 or so for fully comprehensive. 3rd pp is good, but as said wont cover you if you bin the bike at some point.

  4. i'm a learner (30yo) with a SPADA.... i pay just under $100 for full comp on the bike with RACV. i do have other policies with them and get a discount but even before i mentioned my other policies i was given an estimate of 130 for full comp.
  5. just ride safe :D
    i've driven my car for 4 yrs with no accident yet /pray
  6. Yeah thanks for the advise, i think the Spada is a much better idea, being a learner and all, but CBRs/ZXRs are so damn sexy.
    Oh, well i can wait till i get unrestricted and upgrade to something nice.

    Thanks alot
  7. Hey I'm from your area, helloooo!

    Anyway... You might like to check out aami, they have 3rd party and you can get theft protection as an extra with it. I unfortunately didn't realise this until I got NRMA :( Worth a look, all the details are online.

    Comprehensive isn't really worth it on your first bike IMO. By the way you can get CBRs from honda which they officially import, so those would be easier to insure rather than a grey import.

    So yeh, get a bike and lets go for a ride! :cool:
  8. Neither is binning it at fault (which occurs quite often with young and new bike riders, not saying 2Fast will bin it but there is that possibility) and not having the cash to get a repair which can be expensive and being bikeless while working your a**e off to get it back on the road. Then again, what you do is up to you. Just be practical :)
  9. Comprehensive for first rider on cbrr250 is $1300+. If you spend $5000 on the bike, I think the risk is worth it. Yeh, dropping the bike is common for new riders but binning.. iono. Keep in mind if you do damage it there is a $400ish excess and $400ish age excess. So that $2000ish could be more than enough to repair any new learner damage.

    I ride within my limits at all times so if I crash, it wont be my fault.
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  12. I paid $231 full comprehensive on my 17yo son's (in my name) GPX250 insured for 6990. Im 42 and on my L's for the bike as well. extra excess for my son is $500.... Have to check who the insurance is with, the dealer organised it