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New Rider Inspired by Trip to Vietnam

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by manol, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just thought I'd drop in to introduce myself and let everyone know my story..

    I got my L's a couple of weeks back and last Friday took delivery of my new bike, a BMW G650 GS...

    I was inspired to start riding after a friend of mine and myself went to Vietnam with absolutely 0 plans and ended up riding all the way from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi...a ~2000km trip. We both went to Vietnam with a backpack on our packs and that's how we ended up travelling.

    We bought a couple of bikes when we were over there, I bought a custom made trekker style bike based on the frame of a Honda WIN, which is a 125cc popular commuter bike they have over there...I had never ever ridden a bike before in my life, so I was in a brand new country, driving on the opposite side of the road, minimal safety gear in one of the most dangerous places to be a motorist in the world.

    There were some major ass clenching moments, with cars coming down the road on the wrong side, cars flying around corners, driving into gravel unexpectedly....but I didn't come off the whole time.

    Here are some pics from the trip and of our bikes and an example of the 'roads' we traveled on.

    It was one of the best holidays/experiences of my life, we saw some beautiful places and things and I doubt I'll ever have a riding experience better than the one I had there...I learned 'A LOT' about riding from having absolutely 0 instruction.

    Fast forward a year, I decided I should get a bike here...and I did something equally as brave here...picked up my bike on Friday night during peak hour from Southbank Motorcycles and rode to my friend's house in Coburg during peak hour.

    Look forward to spending some quality time here and checking out some of the meet ups and rides...

    Stay safe everyone!

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  2. Hi James, welcome aboard and nice intro. I hear good things from almost everyone who has travelled to Vietnam. Congrats on the new bike, the 650 BM is a good choice.
  3. Thanks, I forgot to upload a pic of the new bike!


    There doesn't seem to be much info about these bikes on Netrider...they don't seem to be a very popular option compared to it's Japanese counterparts...is there any good reason for that?
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  4. Welcome to NR...

    So the bike bug bit you hard, eh?

    Anyways...that's a good choice of a bike and Come around to the Saturday practice sometime...
  5. Hi James, and welcome to our community. It's nice to see that your opinion of riding in Vietnam came from your own experience and not the antics of the three juveniles on Top Gear.
    As mentioned, get yourself over to the Learner's Days, they are top value.
    BMWs, sadly, are usually more expensive than other bikes, and are usually perceived as being the choice of 'older gentlemen' who can afford them....
  6. It sure did bite me hard....I couldn't stop thinking about it over the last year.

    To be honest, I didn't even know that the Top Gear guys did that trip until I came back from the trip and people said "oh, just like Top Gear?". From what I understand the Top Gear guys travelled on Highway 1, which is a complete death trap...we travelled on the inland route through all the mountains along the Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos border...

    In regards to the cost of the BMWs...I had a look at the pricing and I got my G650 for $9,990 drive away with a full 2 year warranty and 2 years roadside assistance...

    In comparison to looking at the Yamaha SR400 reissues, where they are charging nearly $11,000 RRP for a bike that is essentially the same bike from the 70s...I think I got a bargain? Brand new CB400's are also around the $8-8.5k mark...

    I'm most definitely going to try to get to a Saturday morning practice in Elwood....hopefully I'll make it to the one this Saturday morning..
  7. Nice one! Have a couple of mates who hired and rode bikes through Vietnam. Sounds like a plan for when I head there! Seems like a good deal given what you paid. Esp as you put it in comparison with the sr and cb
  8. That is one good price for the bike...
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  9. Brand new CB400's with ABS are closer to 12k. Seems the Beemers a pretty good buy. CB500 about 8.5k too.
  10. Looks awesome your holiday...and welcome :) and nice bike
  11. Welcome aboard.

    I'd been riding for years when I went to Vietnam but even then, crossing the country on a little 125cc cruiser was the best motorcycling experience that I'd had. What a great way for you to get into bikes.