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New rider in Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Macca1983, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hey all!
    Matt here 27yo bloke in Wollongong. Finally after of battling the missus I now have "permission" to buy a bike. After a decent search and a lot of fruitless drives to Sydney, I have finally found my new toy. still have to wait nearly a week though. I'm picking up a grey 1996 Suzuki GSX250f Across. Absolutely pumped and cant wait, will post some pics once i have her home. Anyway just thought I'd say hi. If anyone has any advice or has suggestions for any good rides around Wollongong I'd love to hear for you.
    Cheers Guys

    I will also be looking for a ventura rack to suit if anyone knows where i can pick one up

  2. Welcome matt, lots of nice rides round Wollongong, happy to show you all of them :).
  3. Hi Matt

    welcome to NR - I'm sure Paul (hornet) will be only too happy to show you some good rides.

    Just make sure you've got a good set of earplugs (for when you're off the bike) :cheeky:

    (On the plus side, his taste in music is pretty good)
  4. Thanks guys, I'll have to hit you up some time Paul
  5. Yeah, plenty of good rides down your way. Wished I lived a bit closer to your neck of the woods, but really I can't complain - we're both better off than the guys living in Sydney.

    Welcome to the forummm
  6. Welcome to the madness
  7. Spoilt for choice with Wollongong, as the escarpment offers some nice twisty roads on each way out.

    Obviously you have the Royal National Park to the north, and Macquarie Pass to the south west.

    Also have Mount Keira for a short one.

    I'm sure hornet would know of some others :)
  8. I smell a troll!

    He stole MY NAME, MY TOWN, MY AGE as well

    Next he will claim he is a virgo and a ranga as well.

    Welcome mate, Im a new rider in the gong as well just got a CBR250R 2011 a few weeks ago.
  9. Ok I'm a little scared. I am a ranga and virgo. This can't be good
  10. You serious?

    That cant be right.

    ****ing weird
  11. dopplegangers of the world unite

    you have nothing to lose but your identity :LOL:
  12. Well I picked it up yesterday but was dark by the time i got it out of the trailer. Thought id take her for a quick spin anyway but the bastard wouldn't start. I'd left the boot open and the battery had drained, gace myself a crash course in how to get into the insides charged the battery and was all go for today. Crappy weather but decided I had to christen her anyway. Loved it!
  13. Very nice, My lil bro had an across, and did the same thing.

    I would head to jaycar and replace it with an LED light.
  14. Hi there Macca and welcome. I picked up this website http://www.motowhere.com on this forum today. It's awesome, check out what rides have been undertaken in your area.