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New rider in Teneriffe, Brisbane.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bill, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Hello I recently got my license, after having never been on a bike. I bought myself a Kawasaki Ninja 300. I'm still practicing and still a bit nervous, I don't have any friends who ride so go out on my own. I find it hard as I live in a busy part of Brisbane 1 k from the CBD, I live on a busy road so have to face traffic when ever I go out. But I keep practing and am getting better all the time. I have been using the Internet, mainly uTube to find answers to my questions, hopefully Netrider can help in the future.

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  2. Welcome to NR and I'm sure that you will find lots of info here to help! Enjoy and stay safe.
  3. Welcome to NR and I'm sure that you will find lots of info here to help! Enjoy and stay safe.
  4. Howdy, Welcome to NR!
  5. Welcome from the Gold Coast Bill, you've joined a great site for information, opinions and more
  6. Welcome Bill
    I'm kind of new too, having returned to riding after 25yrs or so. I'm at Hamilton so I know what you mean by feeling a little short on confidence in these inner city areas. It comes pretty quick though - I commute every day to Toowong in peak hours and the confidence is improving every time I ride. But being confident and decisive doesn't mean being cocky and impulsive - two attributes that will hurt you pretty quickly.
    In my early stages (all of two weeks ago!) I did a lot of riding down around Pinkenba and also out to the airport and the general aviation area. Fairly quiet in the late afternoons and weekends.
    Good luck and ride safe!
  7. Hey we should all go for a riders meet, I'm 20 mins away from Mount Glorious. It's the best place to learn, come and join me. I ride a Ninja 300 and got my licence sometime in February.
  8. Sounds like a good idea. I was up at Mt Nebo this morning (in the car), following a P-Plater on what looked like a Ninj300 and his riding mate on a CBR250. I was horrified at the lines they were taking through the corners - basically entering on the inside, then drifting wide at or just beyond the apex, which put them over the centreline in left-handers and almost in the gravel on right-handers. Then they took another several meters to get straight again.
    Not sure it's the best place for newbies to learn, especially if they haven't got their cornering sorted out.
    That being said - I'm keen to give it a go but don't expect to be setting any speed records.

    Sorry Bill - off topic! Would enjoy having a ride sometime to help you with your confidence.
  9. The first time I went for a ride to Mount Glorious, I got my missus to follow me and at the end of it she was bagging me out on how shit of a rider I am. It is the best place to learn for a mature newbie, I wanted to go there this afternoon but the dark cloud cover put me off it. I will be going there tomorrow morning and also in the arvo to get that late practice session in before I go to work on Monday.

    Depending on how early I finish work through the week will depend on weather or not I get another practice in. I am still learning, too many litre bikes still passes me on the straights. The guys Vlogging on Youtube are crazy they do about 160+ km's. At times I see them use the whole road to cut the corner which is pretty dangerous at that speed, I like to stay in my lane and ride safely around the bends while practicing my cornering technique.

    You are welcome to join me tomorrow if you like.
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  10. Yes - I much prefer to build the skill set progressively rather than pushing the envelope too early. Love to join you , Corporal, but can't tomorrow sadly. Maybe next weekend? We can PM during the week.
  11. No problem, I will be glad to ride with you.

    I do not have leathers, I am so noob at this and I have a weird arse helmet. A friend of mine who's been riding for years gave me shit because I didn't spend a lot of money on riding gear and I went for the cheap option.
  12. Hi Simon, thanks for the words of enthusiasm. I to have been riding around Pinkenba early on Sunday mornings.
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