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TAS New rider in Tas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tasrider, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm a new rider in Tas - got my L's last week and working through learning the basics (beyond the pre-learner course) in the quiet streets around home. Found some valuable information in these forums already - thanks to the more knowledgeable who have posted it :)

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  2. G'day and welcome, tasridertasrider. Congratulations getting your Learner rider licence and CB500X; an excellent first motorcycle.
  3. Thanks XJ6N. I'm quite enjoying the bike, just need time & practice. The sum total of my riding experience up until now is about 30 minutes on an old postie-bike about 25 years ago. It's interesting to learn though - I tend to go out for a ride, get some things right, screw some up, then come home to research how to fix the things I screwed up so I can practice those the next time I head out. Looking forward to getting to the point where I can comfortably head out on rides with friends who have been riding for a while :)
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  4. I've had a similar experience; I rode farm and trail bikes in my teens and early twenties. After a fifteen-year hiatus where I didn't so much as sit on a bike, on a whim I decided to get a Learner rider licence. It sounds like you're approaching the process of getting the basics of riding in a good way, good on you. You're certainly living in a state that offers beautiful motorcycling roads!
  5. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to all things two wheeled!
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  6. Welcome, and enjoy. It's the best thing in the world. :)
  7. Welcome. What I'd give for a closed road around Mount Faulkner.
  8. welcome aboard :)

    congrats on the Ls, and the excitement of owning a bike :)
  9. Congrats and welcome to the forum tasridertasrider :) That's a lot of experience you have already ;)
    Practice practice practice makes perfect and then more practice gets you to eventually scrape your knees on the road :wacky:
    It's all a very exciting learning process and exciting too.
    Amazing part of the world you live in !
  10. Congraulations on your new life as a rider and welcome to NR.
  11. Hey Tasrider and welcome to the forum, make sure you leave a review on your bike after you're up and running.

    As a fellow newish Tasmanian rider I'm sure we'll see each other on the roads someday!

    Good luck stay safe
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  12. Welcome! It sure is a beautiful state for riding! Lovely day in Hobart at the moment, wish I was out enjoying the sunshine instead of staring out the office window at my bike.
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  13. I had the same thought - but at least I get to work outside today..
  14. Welcome to NR..

    Tasmania has got beautiful roads..

  15. Welcome from a fellow Tasmanian. I waited about 40 years before getting back on a bike, so you should have no problems!
  16. Welcome to the forum! We are starting to get decent weather down here, I feel a wicked riding season brewing...

    Also, is it just me or has anyone noticed an influx of fellow Tasmanians lately?
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  17. Got out for a quick ride after work before the weather turns sour for a couple of days. More practice. All good - left turns, right turns, countersteering, stops, starts. No issues. Until I pulled into the driveway at home and grabbed too much front brake & a few revs to boot (clutch in, so no other related shenannigans). I think I came in a bit hot and it got the better of me :-( Let's not do that next time :)
  18. Hello and welcome Tasrider. Congrats on getting your Ls so you can now venture out and enjoy all that Tasmania has to offer for the keen motorcyclist.

    We are heading your way next feb so be sure to keep in touch and perhaps meet up sometime.

    Yes, it's good to see more members from Tassie, we'll be doing our best to catch up and say hi to as many as possible (y)
  19. gday tasridertasrider and welcome to NR - congratulations on getting your L's - what an exciting time you have ahead of you, riding is awesome and something you can do for the rest of your life!