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New rider in Tas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mirkon, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Been lurking about a bit and thought I'd say hai :)
    Not too sure how many other tassies are floating about these forums but I'm sure I'll come across one or two.

    I got my L's at the start of the year and picked up an '07 Hyosung GT250R, got it at a good price and I think it's a great first bike.
    The build quality isn't up there with other new bikes, sitting on a brand new CBR600 in the showroom today certainly made that clear, but I have put about 2500km's on her so far and aside from needing a new chain and sprockets it's been great to me.

    Not long until I take the P's test, seems pretty simple but I suppose I really should break out some witches hats and practice :p

  2. Hiya Mirkon and welcome in. I must say I'm a bit jealous of some of the great roads you have down there. I'm sure you'll enjoy them whatever you're riding.
  3. Hey Mirkon and welcome to NR - I'm sure your Hyo will be the first of many bikes :) Are you commuting on the bike or just out on weekends?

  4. Thanks for the welcome :)

    There are many rides for me to go on here, I really need to get on them more often !
    Went to Dover today, fair bit of highway action but the road from Franklin to Dover made it so worthwhile :D

    I do a bit of both, but the commute is less then 15mins and the roadworks near my place atm ruins the only bit of twisty stuff so commuting atm is mostly done in the car.

    I prefer getting out on the weekends. No dealing with peak hour, people cutting others off and road ragers about... sunny weekends with quiet roads is bliss !

    I'd also like to get out on the track when funds allow, looks like it'll be a great learning experience.

  5. Thanks for the welcome :)
    ...appears my last post vanished...

    Took a ride last weekend to Dover, the roads from Franklin onwards were excellent :D
    New exhaust from Bruce Fab has arrived and ready to bolt on !
  6. Welcome to NR. You got some magnificent roads there in Tas. I did a 12 day around-the-tas trip in my car a few years ago and ever since then, have been wanting to do a ride-around.

    I finally bought a bike 5-6 weeks ago so hopefully will be able plan such a trip now.
  7. I threw away the stock exhaust and fitted my Bruce Fab (KMS) exhaust that arrived 2 days ago. Crikey does it make it sound like a proper bike now. It really has a nice throaty rumble to it.

    Going to remove the pillion pegs cause I'm not planning on using them (not licensed to for at least a year anyway) and going to chase down a slimmer fender, way too much plastic at the back. Maybe a rear hugger too, but I think new tyres will be a requirement well before new shiny bits.

    And now I just have to share some pics :)