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New Rider in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Turbowood, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. G'day everyone,

    I finally decided to get my bike license earlier in Feb and purchased a new 2016 Honda CBR650FA. I have a couple of friends and family members who ride so thought it was about time.

    I have put about 600km on the bike since the 17/2/16 and have really enjoyed it so far. I have done a mix of riding, commuting in peak hour, some windy roads and a little bit of highway.

    I decided to to go with a bigger bike as i am a touch over 6ft and 105kg so i though the extra capacity would be worth while, and loved the look of it when i first saw it. ill post some photos when i figure out how.

    Anyway, i look forward to being a part of the community.


  2. welcome aboard :) congrats on licence and bike :)
  3. Thanks mate.
  4. Saw one of those 650s the other day. The headers and exhaust is a nice touch
  5. Iv been really happy with it so far, Not that i have much to compare to as it is my first bike.
  6. Welcome Daniel :cool:
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  8. Welcome to the forum mate!
  9. Thanks guys.