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New rider in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Christinek, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hi all!

    I'm Christine, I've had my license about a month, got my bike the day after I got my license - a Honda CBR300, nice and shiny black :)
    I love riding in straight lines but squeal in my helmet when it comes to corners! I'm going to try get to some of the Learner sessions at Homebush, does anyone travel there from the Northern Beaches? I'm in Manly... I happily ride locally but going that far alone kinda freaks me out still haha... Let me know if there's a better place to ask this :)


  2. Welcome Christine. Can't help you with an escort to Homebush, I'm a southern state denizen myself. :)
  3. bit far hey @cjvfr@cjvfr ;)
    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. I am in North Manly and could talk you through what I think is the least hazardous route to Homebush.

    Not sure when I will have a chance to ride out there next but I'll send you a private massage this evening when I get home.
  6. Welcome aboard.

    Now THAT'S service.
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  7. Thanks for the welcomes :)
    @MichaelR65@MichaelR65 I'm familiar with driving to homebush, via Lane Cove/concord - is that what you'd suggest or something different?
  8. Hi ChristineK and welcome.

    I'm a new rider too, but will offer this humble advice.

    To me, riding any kind of two wheels is a bit like dancing. You shouldn't force the motion (i.e change if direction). Letting it flow naturally is the best way. Smooth steering inputs can make riding more fun. That way, the squeals will be of delight instead of terror at every corner.

    Disclaimer: Emergency situations come with their own set of rules.
  9. Hi Christine

    Yeah, I would go via Lane Cove, giving the Harbour Bridge and Parramatta Rd and M4.

    I usually go over the Spit, back roads to Crows Nest, River Road to Lane Cove, Figtree Bridge, Victoria Road, Ryde Bridge. The only dodgy bit is the short section of faster Road between Concorde Road and Syd Olympic Park.

    However,I suspect you know all this ! :)

    Sadly I can not get out to Homebush for a couple of weeks. I hope you can find a training buddy sooner than that.
  10. If you can ride it round Manly you can ride it on any sealed road in Australia.

    I don't get this thing where people worry about riding so "far'.
    If you know the roads to get there then it's no different to going anywhere else, same road rules, same traffic etc.
  11. @TWEET@TWEET thanks for the support........ how long since you have been a new rider?

    It IS scary when you are riding further distances, when you're not used to riding for a longer period of time. Also, riding on roads you are less familiar on - you don't know what the traffic will typically be like, road surfaces, best lanes to be in so you can be prepared for when you need to turn. A bit of understanding for newbies would be nice...
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  12. @Mick M@Mick M I'm definitely looking forward to even more squeals of delight!! :D
  13. Hi and welcome, Christine.

    I can't help with the Manley to Homebush on a Saturday business, as I never know what I am doing at weekends until my wife tells me.

    OTOH, if you have any week days when you might ride, I'm sure we could find some corners on which you could build up your confidence.
  14. Hi Hyperspex. You probably think that was a typo don't you ? ;)
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  15. You say here you are familiar with driving to Homebush, so you know what roads to take, what lane to be in to prepare for a turn and therefore ought reasonably know what surface to expect (usually).
    The same could be reasonably assumed for your local Manly roads no??

    I'm one of a few champions of supporting new riders, look at my posts and ask around ;)
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  16. Hi ChristineK...welcome...know exactly where you are coming from!!!
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  17. Welcome :)

    I'm in Crows Nest and planning to head out to Homebush the next few Saturdays. I'm a learner too, but fairly comfortable on the road and I'd be happy to ride over with you. We could just pick somewhere you know to meet up.
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