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new rider in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by natzca, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm a new rider.
    been reading these forums a lot lately, great info on bikes, learner courses, safety, gear etc...
    thanks for all the great contributors making this a very useful forum.

    Got my Ls about a month ago, at botany,
    picked up a '99 VTR250 3 weeks ago, and taken it out only on the weekends, making it only about 3 times now, but they've been decent rides for around 3-4hrs.

    Looking to check out the learners day on Sundays out at homebush. (I'm based in camperdown)

    :blah: :blah: :blah:


  2. Welcome!
  3. thanks guys,

    if only I was female...
    they seem to get the big receptions ;)
  4. [MENTION=35425]natzca[/MENTION] - Hello and welcome to NR.

    You could borrow a 250 Virago and I could quietly slip you some of the wife's lippie ... :angel:
  5. Ohhh, it's the *wife's* lippie is it! ;)

    Natzca - hey, enjoy!
  6. welcome
  7. :facepalm::-$
    You said you weren't going to tell anyone!
  8. Hmm... and a pair of them high heeled riding boots as well? :-w

    I shouldn't get carried away, cross dressing is a legitimate past time.

    On a slightly more serious note, is there any nice cruises/routes for any to recommend for learners around Sydney? e.g. good places to practice,
    I've been down to homebush, which is nice and quiet, but looking around somewhere closer to Camperdown/Newtown etc...
  9. welcome to nr
  10. Used to practice around la parouse in early mornings on weekdays but that was in winter so not very busy. Lots of backstreets though
  11. hey Natcza,

    welcome to NR mate. I m in beverly hills area & ride a red Aprilia RS 125.. i usually go around city on sat nytes.. Hope to see ou around sometyme on the road..

  12. Hey mate, I go to uni in Camperdown and to be honest it's not the best place to ride, being so close to (or in) Parra Road. Feel free to prove me wrong though, I'd like to go for a scenic route into class :p

    Some of the streets further down Glebe Point Road are decent, but there's a lot of pedestrian traffic. There are some really nice roads past UNSW in the Randwick/Maroubra/La Perouse area though. I learned to ride in the back streets of Neutral Bay at 1am :D
  13. Hey,
    Camperdown isn't the best place to ride around, Parra Rd and King St are nightmares at the best of times.

    I've recently been just riding out west, and a bit north down Victoria Rd to Epping/North Ryde, went to Macquarie yesterday. I think forcing myself onto busy roads has made me learn quickly, and given me a bit of confidence quickly, so I feel pretty capable now in most situations (after a few of stalls at lights on a hill).

    My fuel almost ran out yesterday, and I was panicking not realising the cause, lucky I read somewhere in this forum about the reserve tank, and was able to pull over somewhere to switch over (phew).

    Definitely going to check out the Olympic newbie rides on the weekends to prepare for the Ps test.

    I'm on a red honda vtr250 which feels a little small for me, I'm 6"1 and the gear changes feel awkward because my knees are way too bent when riding...
  14. Welcome fellow Inner Wester!

    I'm a learner too and I've found the trip out to La Perouse good also but avoid Crown Street as it is a nightmare on the weekends.

    Best of luck and might see you out at the Homebush practice sessions.
  15. Sounds like La Perouse is worth checking out from multiple sources,
    thanks for the tips fellas,