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New Rider in Point Cook Vic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dornz, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Got my L's today, have a family history of riding but really looking for someone to ride with in point cook (when I get a bike) and to show me the safe way of riding around here



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  2. Welcome to NR, plenty of newbies from in and aroundMelb (me included) so once you're confident be sure to check out the Saturday practice sessions in St Kilda.
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  3. Welcome Will, Good that you have a family history of riding you will be able to get some family pointers. There are a few members out west so you should be able to find some people to ride with.

    Saturday morning practice in Elwood/StKilda is a great resource, you can meet a range of other riders, and look at a variety of bikes. Worth going there even before you have a bike of your own just to look at some of the options you have for a bike.
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  4. Welcome aboard :] congrats on getting your Ls
  5. Howdy DornzDornz and welcome to NR. :happy:
  6. Welcome to NR - as others have said there is a great bunch of riders in and around Melbourne who would be happy to help - enjoy the roads :happy:
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  7. Hi Will Congrats on your l's,
    I've only just sold my Harley and only have a little commuter (not for the highway) but I'm buying a new bike the start October let us know when you get a bike my self and a few friends will come for a rides with you. I'm just down the road in north Geelong.
  8. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice...
  9. Hey. I'm in Point Cook. Pm me if you like. I'm still on my learners cos I'm a cheap ass. JayteeJaytee as well is in Tarneit I think
  10. Why yes, yes i am....
  11. We need to catch up again soon
  12. I'm in Point Cook too, and go to practice most Saturdays, so if you want to go in I can guide/escort - a trip over the Westgate can be a little less daunting for the first time in a group. I ride two hours a day just commuting, so I don't tend to be up for recreational rides too often, unfortunately.
  13. Hey Guys,

    thanks... might have to take you all up on that Saturday practice....

    im currently looking at a 2015 Honda CBR300R but am torn because i also like the Yamaha 320 that just came out...

    could any of you recomend a good bike either new (Under $7000) or a second hand one ($2000-3000?)

    looking forward to riding with you guys

  14. Hey DornzDornz, congrats on making the best decision of your life and getting your bike license.
    I'm nowhere near Point Cook, but I know quite a few NR peeps are, so no doubt you'll find heaps of riding buddies here.

    Good luck finding a bike! (I hear the Honda CB400 is pretty great, especially the bright yellow ones ;))
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  15. Hahaha, im going to say second best..... best is Pilots License..... :p
    thanks for the input
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  16. MyoManMyoMan most def... just yell out when you are free for a cruise.. Always up for a rain forest friendly, edible cup, gluten free low carb half caf double shot late' with extra cream!!
  17. DornzDornz ditto about the CB400 , although i hear the blue colour is in right now.. in fact blue is the new black!
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  18. But good luck getting one second hand below 4k
  19. yeah thats what i have found.... nothing good below $4000 and then brand new 300's for $6000 so im thinking maybe save up or finance a new bike
  20. I think you're only partially correct, JayteeJaytee. The blue one *was* the cool colour, but now it's been overtaken by yellow. Sorry, man. ;)

    (then again, as long as it's a CB400, right, GoozaGooza and calgarychriscalgarychris)