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New rider in Penrith !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hey folks
    Just got my full licence today after the M.o.s.t test yesterday. Spent saturday night practicing in the car park, especially for cone and swerve test.And passed !! few!
    I purchased a brand new suzy gs 500f in december , nice blue and white , i added the ventura rack on the back, took me about 5 hours to fit, looks very nice.Only problem is i can't stop riding it ! Wife suggested i go to the doctors and asked for an operation to remove my butt from the seat !! lol
    After removing the yellow L plate hand brake today I got her up to a top speed of approx 195km/h today - faster enough for me at this stage of my early riding career! what a rush though !
    Look forward to see ya's in the next ride day , email me if y want catch up for arvo ride or weekend cruise if ya in the penrith area!


  2. Another local....yippee. The western arm of NR is certainly growing quickly.

    Welcome to the NR world.
    You'll find an answer for just about every question you could think of & if you don't I'm sure someone will have the answer for you.

    Come along to the satday coffee meet at the Mean Fiddler. It's great company & a good chance to meet up with some fellow riders. Check out the NSW ride & events for the details....we meet in the courtyard now though.

    Hope to see you around.
  3. Welcome to NR, nice to have you aboard.
  4. Welcome mate. Check your oil level regularly if you're giving the GS a pasting.
  5. welcome hi and congrats
  6. bloody hoon!! :LOL: welcom to NR
  7. If you flog the GS at that speed (it is max speed afterall) for more than a few minutes, you will probable seize it soon enough.

    Ask Dangerfox..
  8. Thanks , definetly be at the next mean fiddler gathering ! :grin:

    I checked the oil today, i had to use the manuel to find the dipstick !
    seems ok. :)

    Don't confuse my suzie with a hyosong , it will take 9000 rpm canning all night long ! , best thing is though she's under warranty, provided i stay out of 12000rpm for long periods its fine !