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New rider in Northern Melbourne Subs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cg1981, May 22, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the awesome online rider's community. I'm a new rider, got my L's a couple of months ago and I've been riding a bit to/from work. I got a KTM Duke 200, live in Bundoora and was wondering if there are any other riders in the Northern suburbs that would like to meet up and ride or chat about bikes etc.

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  2. Welcome to NR cg1981cg1981 from a Ktm owner to another!
    Well done on starting a life long obsession :)

    Sure, there's quite a few melbournian son this forum that im sure you'll get to know soon enough...
    Also take yourself and that fine Ktm down to learner kills sessions close to the water - check out the "events " page and look up VIC to see what's happening in your area :)

    stay upright!
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  3. gday cg1981cg1981 welcome to NR! there are members from all over so I can confidently say that you will find someone here local to you.
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  4. Thanks
    Thank you very much! Loving my KTM so far :) I've already been to my first Saturday Learner's practice session yesterday and it was actually really good. Some really valuable advise from the organizers. We even had cops joining at some point, which was very interesting to say the least :)
  5. Thanks mate, really appreciate the warm welcome :)
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  6. Welcome to NR...

    Come on down to the Saturday practice sessions one of these days..
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  7. Welcome to our happy home:)
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  8. Welcome mate :cool:
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  9. Welcome to the forum, I am in Greensborough so not far from you. When I organise rides it will generally start in the Northern Suburbs because I am lazy and want to stay in bed an hour longer. ;)
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  10. #10 cg1981, May 23, 2016
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    Thanks, As soon as the weather allows it, i will :)

    Thanks mate :)

    Thanks mate! :)

    Thank you! That sounds awesome, I'm a bit lazy myself, so please let me know if and when you organize any rides, I will be sure to join (if I'm allowed of course, as some rides may not be for me yet) :)
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  11. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
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  12. Thanks mate :) much appreciated!