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New rider in Newington

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tcld0, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone
    Just wanted to introduce myself here. I'm new rider and am getting delivery of my first bike this afternoon! Very, very excited. It's a 2010 Suzuki Gladius LAMS. I can't wait to get on it later today.

    I definitely need to start slow though. Does anyone know of any good wide open spaces to practice around the Newington/Auburn area?

  2. Hi and welcome to Netrider. As someone who bought a bike last week, I know exactly how excited you would be with getting a new bike delivered today. Dont forget to post photos and happy riding.
  3. find a dead end down at silverwater on a Sunday. lay out some rock, stick and cans to set out a bit of a course for practice.
  4. hi all,
    Thanks for the welcome and the advice. Everything went well with the delivery yesterday. I was super keen to get on it and start riding. But I had to take it pretty slow to begin with. Spent a few minutes looking it over, sitting on it, starting it up, checking out all of the instruments, etc. Then tentatively driving down the street a few metres. Then around the block. And eventually around the neighbourhood.

    The bike feels great - even easier to ride than I expected. Nice and forgiving for a new rider (so far at least!). Hopefully if I'm good to it, it'll be good to me...
  5. hi tom, nice bike you have purchased, just picked up my suzuki gsxr600 today from the dealer ! love to see some pictures, what colour did you get? you can check my pic out on my post under this section of the forums, take a look.
  6. Hi Tom,

    Congratulation. I just purchased a '07 a ZZR250 (picking it up in 2 weeks) and happen to work in Sydney Olympic Park during the week and live nearby.