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New rider in NE Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by iGolf, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    New to bikes. Been driving for 24 years but haven't been on a bike since dirt bike days in the 80s.

    Just got the Ls and go pick up the bike this Sat.

    Looks like this forum has a wealth of information and a lot of support. So looking forward to getting to know the locals.

    There's so much to learn. Even the learners test was an eye opener as to how little I know about controlling 180kg of bike. So it will be small steps for me.

    Decided to start with leathers and be as safe as I can. I don't plan to commute and live in Diamond Creek, so have some nice riding at my doorstep.

    So just saying hi and look forward to learning, contributing and keeping all my skin.

  2. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels iGolf!
    What sort of bike have you bought? and lets see some pictures hey? :)
  3. Welcome iGolf, we generally recommend Saturday morning practice as an introduction to other riders and a good place to sharpen the skills. There is also generally an afternoon ride that leaves from there when you are ready.

    One more sleep till your bike :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys.
    I am nearly the proud owner of a blue Yamaha R3.

    Looked real hard at the MT-07 but figured I seem to buy a new car each year, so may as well leave the window open for bikes too.

    Saturday morning practice sounds great. Almost need a passport to go from DC to Elwood. But it's all practice I guess. Afternoon ride to Kinglake would work for me though :]
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  5. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice...
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  6. Picked up the R3 today.
    Awesome learner bike.
    I'm surrounded by twisties at my doorstep so first ride was not exactly flat and straight.

    Looking forward to logging some more miles in the morning. Hoping the shoei loosens it's grip on my ears tomorrow too!
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  7. The padding inside helmets generally compresses and will form to your head shape. Provided it is not too tight, a week or so of riding will make it more comfortable.

    Congratulations on the new bike.
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Welcome mate. Take Kinglake nice and easy as you're new - plenty tight twists heading up there and gravel on the road which has spilled at least one rider of late.

    Like the yearly car change - mad bugger....I suppose your accountant tells you to do it for tax purposes lol!
  10. Gday Igolf

    Welcome to the club.
    I'm in the north east as well.
    Let me know if your going down for any club rides..
    I haven't been for one yet even though I've been a "reading member " a while.
  11. Welcome Golfer,
    Enjoy the new bike. Some lovely roads of your doorstep to play and learn on, and some pretty unforgiving bits.
    Take it easy out there.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys.
    I'm cruising around not threatening the gear change indicator light or the speed limit so far.
    Amazing the amount of riders that come through DC on a Sunday!

    And chillibutton - my accountant did advise me to buy a bike. I give myself dodgy advice every day :)
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  13. Welcome to nr and congrats on the bike. Sat prac sessions a big plus, ring road over westgate beach rd piece of piss, you get to do a 100 on yiur bike dont speed as cameras all over the ring rd and enjoy the view over the bridge. A tip! Whilst going over the bridge, dont sight see, watch tbe road, be mindful of traffic around you. Now having said that, cause everyone would thinkin 'goddie wtf you sending a learner on a fwy and westgate' . Lemme know when you want to have a crack at it, I am in Mill Park, will meet up with you and escort you in. If you want to that is.
  14. Hi iGolfiGolf - I need an Accountant like yours! ha ha ha Welcome, hope to meet you at practice one Saturday :)
  15. goddiegoddie - Thanks for the offer. I took the bike to Geelong and back on the weekend. Somewhat boring sitting on a freeway.
    The trip to Warrandyte via Kangaroo Ground was alot more enjoyable. When I'm kids free, I will have to get down to Sat practice.

    Loving the bike. Putting a tail bag on has given me an excuse to take it to Coles for dog food runs etc :).

    What I am finding is that my wishlist for accessories etc is growng rather than shrinking. So far it's looking as follows:
    - Kevlar jeans for the dog food run - ordered some Rhok Gen 3
    - Adjustable gear shifter - size 14 SMX-6 boots not liking the tight gap available
    - Heel guards - pressed steel ones just look cheap
    - Ogio saddle bags so I can venture further than the local Coles for dog food
    - Another more casual boot option as I cant fit textile pants over or into the SMX-6
    - A stack of ram mount accessories to wire up the gps to 12v and 5v USB
    - Vagabond fender eliminator - hurry up Amazon shipping!
    - GoPro - hurry up dodgy malaysian postal service - am I going to get fined for a helmet mount still?
    - A safe but more summer orientated glove option

    The perforated alpinestars leather jacket/pants give me alot of confidence, but I probably need a hot day to see how that goes.

    All up it's going great so far. I've tested my countersteering around a roo at Yarrambat and either a snake or stick around the corner from home. The perils of a country lifestyle I guess.
  16. Bling you'll find costs, I have Rock kevlars, comfy buggers, I went to woodend n Daylesford yesterday but wore leathersvfor that stretch. If you get a ventura rack then you can carry a decent bag onbthe back. Tail bags by Kreiger I think is the brand can allow some volume, magnet tank bag could be another option but can scratch the tank. I was lucky thisvyear was riding thru st andrews and roo came at me lost footing last minute and went under my bike. I didn't seem him till last minute so didn't 'stiffen' up felt the 'bump bump' checked side mirror skippy sleeping on the ground. My birthday ride got a little more exciting thru the day but not to that extent. Freeway ride sux I agree, sat prac session is cone weaving emergency braking and talking to experienced riders, generally eecstand around and talk shit but majnly bikecrelated, skme real nice folks to meet, then UncleGreg leads perps on his Epicride straight frommprac session, it always goes out east and ends up there too. Read up on oi, its good and more than likely is what youre doing atm. Ok, money spent on goodies? Scareyvthought for you, do you have a puncture repair kit? Buy one if you dont. Out west sideMMMTS Bruce will come out to fix the puncture for you. Streetmaster lives Frankston way, both contact info on here in business section. Handy info to have.