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New Rider in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rider74, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.

    Have just got my learners and looking at getting a Honda PCX for a 10K commute to the city mainly in 60K zones with the usual tram tracks and traffic etc.

    Hoping this is a good way to start and get some experience for a bike in the future once the confidence grows, but also thinking gear changing in heavy traffic would become a hassle.

    I normally ride a pushy into work so thought upgrading would be just as much fun, with the added benefit of keeping up with the cars rather than having them closely whizzing past you.

    During the learner training i dropped the CB125e when the front tyre locked up practicing the emergency stop. :banghead: Went down quick and hard and it hurt like hell.
    Looking back it was a great experience to know what coming off even at a low speed feels like.
    I passed the test regardless of my complaining elbow and hip but now have some insight into the value of good gear.

    Looking for some advice on good places to get some gear in the east.

    Has anyone had much luck with at Bikers Gear Australia or AMX Superstores.

    Or if anyone uses a PCX for commuting and what they think of it?

    any advice much appreciated.


  2. G'day and welcome, Rider74Rider74. As painful as it must have been the fall during your Learner training is better there than on the road and it seems like it was an additional learning experience (!). Good on you for continuing and passing the course.
  3. Welcome Rider74, Bikers Gear and AMX are both good value stores. Lots of new and old riders here use them. Aldi has a sale periodically on Bike gear, I think you have just missed one of those so it may be a while but some stores may still have stock.

    If you are buying your scooter new from a dealer you can often negotiate some gear as part of the overall package with the bike.
  4. Welcome mate. Peter Stevens in Ringwood currently has a sale on on certain jackets, helmets, gloves etc. So its worth looking at all of them really, cruisy Sat afternoon trying on bike gear. Check online as well as you might find something you like at a lesser price. And if you buy everyhting from one spot then you can drive a better deal too.
  5. Welcome to NR.

    No idea re: the Honda but AMX has all the good brands under one roof. IMO, Lynnbrook location has more variety as it's a much larger store but they do stock good stuff.

    Same with Peter Stevens and don't be afraid to ask for the 'best price deal'. :p

    Best of luck.
  6. welcome aboard :] I have two jackets and one pair of Kevlar cargos from bikers gear all excellent, another pairt of jeans from the specials section at PS also great and helmet gloves and other bits from AMX all great value
  7. Thanks for the tips, I am looking forward to checking out gear from recommended stores. Its good to have a place to start.
  8. Welcome r74,
    A few of the stores also have bargain sections.
    Peter Stephens city store, Bikemart Ringwood. They'll have previous seasons gear, overstocks and odd sizes marked down for clearance.

    Many riders have dropped the bike at the learner training the first time they do an emergency stop. You need to practice it regularly so that you can come to a quick controlled stop when you need to. Try stopping from 40 kmph on your bike only using the front brake.

    When you can visit the Saturday learner sessions at Elwood. You'll pick up some good tips on handling and control, and when you have a bike you can practise them too.