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New rider in Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by AstroBear, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm Adam, 25 years old and new to the world of motorcycling. I've been into cars my whole life, having owned some quick Skylines and V8s etc, but have always wanted a bike. Two months ago my sister told me she was booking in to get her scooter license, and asked me to join her. I said, 'screw it! lets do it!', and passed the test at H.A.R.T in Somerton that weekend. A few days ago I picked my my first bike from Peter Stevens in Ringwood. It's a 2012 Hyosung GT250R, and i've put about 120kms on it so far. Really enjoying it, and getting used to riding on the crazy roads.


    I'm from the northern suburbs and would love to get involved in some learner courses etc. Anyway, thanks for having me onboard, I hope my stay here is enjoyable and fruitful :)


  2. Great intro mate
    Welcome. Be sure to go to the Saturday morning practice and there is bound to be someone to ride in with you
  3. Welcome!

    +1 for sat practice. I'd post the link but am on a mobile so someone else will have to step up... or just look in the VIC rides section.

    Good people who will give you tips and pointers from their wealth of knowledge and experience... as well as the kindness of their heart. Well worth while. If you post up your interest in the thread along with a rough idea of where you are someone is bound to offer to escort you in - assuming you want to.
  4. Adam my man, if you are 25 years old you are new to the world, period....welcome aboard, enjoy the circus known affectionally by many names.

    Enjoy and do what they said ^^^^^^^
  5. Thanks guys, i'm going to look into this Saturday practice you speak of.
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  7. I had an FPV GT Falcon, sold it 2 years ago and bought a VW Passatt turbo diesel for the economy. Still kicking myself.
  8. I owned a 5.7l SS which was fun to drive but handled like shit. I bought an R33 gts-t which i modified, had heaps of power and handled and drove unlike anything i've ever owned or ever owned since. I sold it to a guy under strict instrucions that I am to be offered it first when it comes time for him to sell. It's my biggest regret, but I hope to have it back in my stable one day :)
  9. I had one also with the cobra engine
    Still wonder why I sold it sometimes
  10. I had a 1980 WB Kingswood Ute with a 350 Chevy in it.
    Nothing like driving an engine with a bullbar attached and no rear end grip in the wet
    Could watch my fuel gauge move down just sitting at the lights.
    Loved its guts.

    Had a '71 XY Falcon sedan as well with the 351 Cleveland that would set of car alarms within 10meters of anyone parked near me upon start up.

    If I had a $$ to keep them up to scratch I would still have them.

    Nowadays I don't even have a car
  11. I had a Barina once, does that count? lol
    Welcome aboard :)
  12. Welcome aboard.

    I had a billycart once :whistle:

    Goddie that posting stuff still isn't working, I'll get the mods involved......
  13. thanks Paul, a tad annoying, cant even start a conevrsaion nor pm :(
  14. Hey hey! Another Hyo owner! YUEY! Now we can get picked on together. *whisper* they mostly come out at night....mostly..

    Downside though is you are from Melbourne. Too many people joining from Melbourne. Stop re-producing. Come to Sydney. We have pies.
  15. dude, we got potato cakes, and the biggest dim sims you'll ever see! lol
  16. Shit.
  17. You had me at Pie...

    I did my research thoroughly before buying the hyo. I even test rode a Ninja 300, was thinking about that, but I didn't like the smaller frame size. I fell in love with the Hyo's size and big boy bike appeal. Being a big boy, 5-11, 100kg, it suits me perfectly.

    I'm sick of people belittling the hyosung brand, I know their reputation is a bit hit and miss, but so far I'm really enjoying this bike. It does everything I ask of it and it looks great doing it. Build quality is a whole lot better than the earlier offerings and I'm hoping that it will remain reliable. Thanks for having me onboard guys, feeling really welcome :)
  18. South Melbourne represent!!!
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  19. Good on you for standing up for us little Hyo men.

    Frankly I love mine too, have had zero problems with it, touch wood.

    Just out of curiosity, being a bigger lad as you said, why didn't you opt for the 650?

    I'm 6'2", bout 90kg and the 650 is just dandy.
  20. I decided against the 650. Purely because it was more expensive and I plan to upgrade at some stage. The GT250R was $5250 rideaway, couldn't resist. It doesn't seem to struggle with my ass on it, it has enough grunt, even uphills. As a commuter bike it would be perfect.