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New rider in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jorrgo, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    My name's Amy, I'm 22, recently got my learners and new ninja 250, only been on a few rides so far.
    I had never really ridden a motorbike before this year but always wanted to learn, and now I've finally started on my way.
    Looking forward to meeting other riders, learning as much as I can and having fun!

  2. Hiya there Amy.. Welcome to the nuthouse..
    Ill leave the mandatory questions to other users.. (you will see what i mean soon) but this is a great place with some great people to ask the stupidest of questions too.. :)

    And there are lots of learners here to go riding with.. im one of them.. and riding with the like minded learners around the place have really helped build my confidence .. its a great way to do it..

    Catch you later :)
  3. Welcome aboard Jorrgo, stay safe and hope to see you around the traps soon.
  4. Hi Amy and welcome to Netrider. Congrat's on getting your learners \\:D/ Hope the weather is nice and you can get out to enjoy that little Ninja :biker:
  5. Hello and welcome, go to the Saturday learner practice if you can. You can meet people and practice slow speed manouvering, cornering, stopping, etc.
  6. Welcome Jorrgo as others have said get down when you can to Saturday morning practice. A lot of really helpful people and advice(y).
  7. Welcome - based on nothing more than shear volume, you've chosen a great first bike. Lots of them around.

    If you already have a few rides under your belt then next weekend could present the perfect opportunity to get out and meet some of the hooligans... er I mean nutters... no, that isn't right... um... wonderful, entertaining, wise, and friendly folk who reside at netrider.

    Check out this thread for details about next weekends planned festivities: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=133787

    And dont worry about the wife swapping bit - it isn't mandatory :angel:
  8. Welcome Amy, nice bike choice and hope your having fun :)
  9. Welcome to the NutHouse :D !!!!
  10. Welcome to the forums and riding! Take a look in the new riders section of the forums! I've found it to be an awesome resource for advice and tips.
  11. Thx all, cant wait to hit the roads with you guys! I took the black beast out for a run to kinglake today with a few friends, was one crazy ride!
    @viscera99 - super keen for the group rides, chocolate mill sounds good! I'll be hitting up the saturday prac sesh too, and eventually the Tuesday nights when I can handle the nighttime lol.
    Thx @Lament ill definitely take a look around the forums, seems like a lot of great info up here for a newb like me :D
  12. welcome to NR Jorrgo, and like everyone, enjoy the ride, alot on hear to learn, alot of people to help if you have any questions, keep safe and keep smiling :)
  13. Hi Amy and welcome to NR
  14. Tues nights are almost always urban so it's not like you're having to dodge rabbits, wombats, & roos (oh my).

    Assume you did kinglake - st Andrews? Sweet bit of road.
  15. haha I am always dodging animals (in a car or otherwise) in my area!
    Weather today is looking good, if I get home in time tuesday night ride sounds very tempting!

    And yea the trip was through st andrews to kinglake, then a loop back through yarra glen way :D
  16. Seriously, we're this far in and nobody's even asked?

    Are you hot? :p

    Just kidding! Welcome!
  17. Welcome to NR! (y)

    Awesome roads down your way. One of my favourite parts of Melbourne as well. :D
  18. Hi and welcome Amy.

  19. Hi Amy and Welcome.

    +1 for the Saturday Practice sessions at St. Kilda, as mentioned many times previously.