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New rider in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PilgriM, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone, I am new to riding & just got my learners 2 weeks ago & going to pick up my first bike tomorrow (slightly used gs500f, 500ks on the clock).

    I found these forums to be a great help leading up to the learners course & also while I was deciding what bike to start out on.

    Been reading thru the Newbie forums too, luving the cornering tutorials posted by robsalvv, the info in there looks very usefull, hopefully I can get up the confidence soon to be able to try some fun cornering, not just around the block & main roads.

    So you may see me pottering around in the Ringwood area on my 2009 gs500f with L plates trying not to screw up...

  2. sweeet, another rider far out east like I am. Welcome !
  3. why welcome, pilgrim :LOL:
  4. Hi PilgriM and welcome to NR
  5. G'day mate and welcome aboard. I frequently ride through Ringwood as I return for Templestowe after a 'Northern' ride.
    Great stuff on your L's and see you 'out there' sometime.
  6. Heya welcome mate
  7. Hey Pilgrim - welcome!
    Congrats on getting your L's & on the new bike.
    Also worth checking out the mentoring thread.
  8. Well, hey there y'pilgrim
  9. Thanks for the welcome..

    I will be up for one of those group rides in a few weeks I reckon, need to find a car park around Ringwood where I can practice my starts & stops a bit more, I feel ok once moving, just a little unsteady when stopping & spending a lot of time concentrating on balancing the clutch when taking off, want it to be a bit less of a stress..
  10. Yeah thats one of the harder things to grasp at the start, just keep practising and eventually it will become a muscle reflex that you don't even have to think about.

    Welcome and see you out there :)
  11. Eastland Car-park ... for all your practicing needs. (*after hours recommended)