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New rider in Melbourne and new member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KennY123, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, just been riding for over 2 months now and almost clocking up 1000 kms on my bike. Mainly commuting to work and occasional weekend ride.
    Looking to learn from experienced riders.
    I hope I posted this on the right place this time.

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  2. welcome aboard :] if your looking to learn check out the Saturday learners thread
  3. Hello and welcome to NR KennY123KennY123 :) Yep, that's the right place! You've met few members of this nuthouse already and got some great and incredibly valuable advice about riding and "equipment handling" ;) Enjoy, ride safe and stay upright!
  4. Welcome Kenny!
  5. Welcome to NR, ^^^ exactly what he said, Saturday practice sessions will get you comfortable in no time as well as given you a safe and friendly place to learn.
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  6. Welcome...

    As above...
  7. Thanks, how do I get on this Saturday practice session.
  8. Thanks Greydog.
  9. No worries. Held in the car park behind the servo. There's a gap in the barrier behind the servo building itself.
  10. Welcome KennY,
    Hope to see you around.
  11. Welcome to Netrider Kenny :)
  12. Oh my God! They welcomed Kenny!

    Welcome to nr.
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  13. Hmm welcome to NR Kenny. You been to sat prac sessions yet?
  14. Not yet, but will try this coming Saturday. Hopefully its still on.
  15. Rarely that sat prac session isnt on, eather looks good, should be a big turnout.
  16. Check directions
    Start bike
    Ride to a cake shop
    Buy a large cake
    Balance cake on tank
    Ride to location (behind BP)
    Introduce yourself or let Doug or Dave find you
    Share cake
    Shout coffee for everyone

    All done.

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  17. Oh..and save a slice for goddiegoddie
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