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New Rider in Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by simonwsc, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Just got my L's last week and now I've bought a 04 VTR250 [red/gold rims]with 24k on the clock for mid $3k. Cant wait till I get it next week! Going to AMX this weekend to get some gear. Wohooo! :biker:
  2. Welcome on board and nice set of wheels. (y)
  3. Welcome in mate
  4. Thanks all~ Will join you guys when I actually do get my ride next weekend, and probably still need a couple of days to practice around my neighbourhood.

    Btw, is $3.6k a decent price for a 04 VTR250 with 24k on the clock? I hope I didnt get ripped off. Doesn't come with log books unfortunately, but test ridden it and seems fine. RWC will be provided by owner. :deal:
  5. Welcome mate
  6. Hi and welcome to NR
  7. Welcome NR, was that you and a mate riding through back streets of Brunswick this morning?
  8. Nah mate~ Yet to get my bike. It'll be ready this week. Cant wait..spent $1.2k on gear during the weekend. $_$
  9. G'day Simon and welcome to Netrider. Congrats on your new bike purchase and hopefully seeya out there sometime. I'll look out for a red VTR with gold rims :)
  10. Welcome Simon, join the long line of VTR newbies :LOL:
  11. Cant wait! Getting my bike tomorrow!!! Still need to do transfer at VicRoads and get insurance sorted. Spent a good $1200 on gear, although I reckon I could've overspent for a newbie~