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New Rider in Macedon Ranges (VIC)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by asdaws, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been reading netrider for a while now, so figured I should sign up and say hi. I'm very much a newbie rider, having passed my Ls at the start of April after way too many years of thinking about it but never actually doing anything concrete. Long story short my brother took me for a ride pillion over Christmas and that was that, I was hooked.

    I've been riding a bit in and around the Macedon Ranges, with a few commutes to work in the City now as well. I Figure I need to get plenty of practice before I start thinking about my full license.


  2. welcome mate :)
  3. Welcome Andrew, it's a fair ride in but consider coming to the Saturday morning practice sessions behind the BP Elwood in St Kilda, I know it really helped me get my skills up before I went for the full license.
  4. Hi Guys,

    Hey Ek - I recognise that Ninja. ;)

    Saturday mornings are often a write off for me unfortunately, but that said I'll definitely try to organise a trip down to St Kilda one Saturday soon. :) I figure anything that helps me with my skills has to be well worth it.
  5. Hi and welcome to Netrider Andrew, hope to meet you on a ride somewhere soon,

  6. Welcome to the NutHouse :D !!!
  7. Thanks all... :)

    A picture of my baby (assuming it comes through) :)

  8. Hi Andrew and welcome
    Kyneton,s a nice place to ride,some really nice roads and country town along the way
    have lots of fun.
  9. Yeah, Some of the roads in and around the area are great fun - going from Woodend to Daylesford for example has some really lovely bends, and great scenery. :)

    Believe me, I'll be having lots of fun. :)
  10. Welcome to Netrider

    Watch out for that Mercedes Coupe over the road; they're renowned SMIDSY vehicles :LOL:
  11. Cheers,

    The Mercedes Coupe belongs to my MiL who was visiting that day... but your observation will doubtless still stand... ;)

    There are a few cars like that around my area - I figure the safest thing to do is assume they are all SMIDSY vehicles and prceed with caution. :)
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  12. the Merc is your mother in law's car?

    *Definitely* watch out for it then!! ;)
  13. Always mate ;)
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    Welcome. I often take the road out to Woodend and beyond. Despite common believe, there are some great roads in the north too.
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    I'll definitely be keeping an eye out - I often do see riders around, although not so much in the cruddy weather we've been having lately I guess. :|
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    Feel free to post a ride in the Ride and events forum if you feel like doing one. There are a few riders in the north and west that would in interrelated.
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    Sounds like a good idea... I may just do that. :) Was reading the thread on the Queens Birthday ride with envy, but I'd not be able to make that one this year alas.