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New rider in Geelong...Hi.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by luke4224, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. New rider in Geelong...let's get a regular session going.

    New rider, have been reading threads for a while now. Picked my bike up on the weekend and haven't stopped buzzing since.
    Looking for learners to ride with in the Geelong area, possibly head out on some longer Saturday or Sunday rides.

    Would be good to get together on a regular basis with a bunch of locals.
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  2. welcome to NR, what sort of bike do you ride?
  3. Welcome Luke, that buzz from riding just gets stronger with every ride. Enjoy the buzz and and the addiction of riding.
  4. Welcome to NR. (y)

    What kurnell said..the buzz from riding never goes away ...fortunately. :D
  5. After much research and trolling forums I decided on a 2011 CBR250 with ABS.

    I'm glad I did, as it is fantastic fun to ride. Some people will laugh but I chose this bike for Honda's proven reliability, the fact that it's not a Ninja (as it seems everybody has one), it will accommodate both myself at 6'2 and my wife at 5'6. And to make my wife and family a little happier I went with the ABS which isn't widely available on learner bikes yet.
    I don't even mind the sound of the single cylinder. The low down torque is very user friendly and allows me to squirt ahead in traffic without having to rev that crap out of it.

    I think I will be happy with the CBR for about 12 months, then it will be passed down to the wife and I'll get myself something a little more exciting.
  6. Hi luke, glad you joined up here :) I'd gladly ride with you, I hope my virago could keep up lol. Plus I promise I won't stall 20 million times like I did at the learner's course haha.
  7. Hi Luke and welcome to NR
  8. Good to see another one from down this way.

    Plenty of roads to ride, and out of traffic in 10 minutes.
  9. Another Geelong rider :dance:
  10. why not hook up with the other geelong riders this sunday and come to the Black Dog Ride? gonna be huge..
  11. Hello to another Geelong rider, think we could get something going here... there seems to be a collection of us....... :)
  12. I think we definitely need to get a regular thing going. Possibly in the same way the 10am Saturday Melbourne guys do it. We need to find a big empty car park where nobody will bother us (I hear the Deakin car park at Waurn Ponds is pretty deserted on the weekends). Then we grab some plastic cones and practice our skills. Afterwards those who feel like it can go for a ride somewhere.

    What do people think? If there's a few responses I'll put a separate post in the "regular rides" section.
  13. Sounds good to me :)
  14. Cones we can get, car park even, but where do you find another Doug or Dave........these gentlemen do not grow on trees.

    Wouldn't want to be practising bad habits.
  15. Mentors that live in or near Geelong that would like to volunteer,
  16. ^^The experienced riders I have previously met down here are not the type to put their hands up for mentoring.
  17. "If we build it, they will come"
  18. That's about five of you now from Geelong .....the numbers really have jumped lately lol.
    Anyhow enjoy the forum and upcoming rides.
    Oh and if you need tyres <<<<<