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New rider in from Kyoto, Japan

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 250xc, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm a fairly new rider. I've owned a couple of bikes but never started to learn how to ride until recently, when I made some great friends who are ex/current trials and offroad riders.

    I was born using computers which gives away my age, but I gave them up a few years ago to enjoy the finer things in life like sex and booze wink.gif

    Now I'm married (!) and a kid on the way, so needing to find an alternative vice, so I'm back on the net filling up forums.

    I ride a Suzuki Djebel 250XC which I think is only available here in Japan. My mechanic buddy is teaching me bit by bit how to wrench it myself which is thoroughly enjoyable.

    Hope to meet you all in the forums.



  2. Welcome to the Forums

    Thanks for the link in your sig - plenty of info there

    Nice looking bike too :cool:

  3. Not as new...


    The articles in the site are from my friend, who is an ex trials rider and kind of a "bush mechanic".

    Nice photo of the Djebel, mine isn't as new or clean.....


    Thanks for the VB logo in your avatar, very tempting, but at the $6 a stubbie they go for here, I'll stick with the delicious memories ;)
  4. Re: Not as new...

    Asahi super dry was a top drop when i was working there.

    Oh and welcome.
  5. Re: Not as new...

    Ah, that it is. And in nice big frosted mugs.... :D

    I see your from the hometown of the Aboriginal boxing champ who defeated "Fighting Harada" to take the title? I used to know his son a little. Great guy.
  6. Yep, but better known these days for breeding Abletts and beeing about the greenest place in Victoria at the moment, also some great road and dirt riding right outside my back door :)
  7. Konichiwa (sp?) and welcome, Leon!!!


    Just looking at the badge on that car in your last pic. Mazda still sell Capellas in Japan? :shock:
  8. Mazda still sell a lot of things in Japan...... Aussies love Jap cars, Japan make Jap cars, Japs like Jap cars and make Jap cars so keep the good ones for themselves.
  9. Pancakes

    Back after a quick pancake break...

    Woodsy: I'm a bit out of touch with the Abbletts, only saw maybe one season with Jnr (Essendon fan btw!) and kept hearing bad news about papa's dealings on the radio, don't really care, awesome player.

    All the fires out in Vic now? My parents had just made the trip from Daylesford up to Brissie, so I didn't hear much about it.

    Gromit: Konichiwa is spot on. And with the Capellas, to my knowledge they don't have any new models, but my mate sometimes picks them up in the dealer auctions here and exports them or does a "cash for cans" deal and recycles them.

    Flexorcist: They also make a nice compact body for some of their more femine models, some Aussies like me end up marrying them :p
  10. Re: Pancakes

    dito. on the bombers.

    Fires still going strong, over a million hectares now for the gippy one, towns around Tambo being evacuated today ahead of high 30 temps and strong winds over the next few days.
  11. Re: Pancakes

    Hehehehehehehe nice.......... When you get bored do they do cheap body kits in Japan?? I know they do these days in Phils and Thailand :rofl:
  12. Welcome to NR, have fun. Went to Japan many moons ago (15y) only for a week. It was a work trip, we stayed in Nagoya (sp?) Most enjoyable. :grin:
  13. dohzo yoroshiku!
    watashi no namae wa Rocketeer desu. (My sperek japanese iz good no...)

    Just wondering how long have you been over there? and more importantly... do you plan on coming back to the promised land??
    i know a couple of "westerners" who have moved to Asian countries and never plan on returning...

    domo arigato Mr roboto!!!

  14. Woodsy: wow, I really hadn't heard much 'bout the fires, I'm suprised they're still going... pretty scary stuff. All we have to worry about here are earthquakes, tunamis and subway gas attacks. Phew!

    flexorcist: I don't know where there metaphors stop and car talk begins ;) But yes and maybe-

    There are still the red light districts in Japan, many will turn down the non-Japanese looking guy, but I've "heard" that they'll let you in if you are in a suit and with some business Japanese guys.

    In case you were talking about actual bodykits for cars, I know that the customizing and general mechanic services here are WAY too expensive. That being said, if you can do the labour yourself, cheap and very nice parts are plentiful on the second hand market here. And because most people only use their cars once a week, second hand here is still very good condition. My buddy often picks up turbo kits and exhausts quite cheap. Lots of $$ saved on bike tires too. Almost worth paying the higher premiums on medical and other life expenses just to be in petrol head's heaven!

    Speed: I think Nagoya would be a nice riding distance for me once the temp increases a little and ice/snow goes away. They had the big World Expo there last year or year before and the city is really growing now.

    The Rocketeer: Nihongoga jyouzu desune!

    I've been here off and on and now pushing 4 years I guess. I came from sunny Cairns, after moving from Melbourne, so I'm always eager to get back to Land Down Under. A few really good friends and cheap bikes and cars are the biggest attractions. If I can make some $$ doing websites/net business then the dream would be to live a little here, base in Oz and frequent trips to Mexico and the States... fingers toes and shoulder blades crossed!
  15. Welcome Leon, see you around in the forums.
  16. more from riceland...

    Thought some of you might like some more Japan photos....

    This is a 250cc 60 litre fire-fighting scooter!

    Anyone who's been here knows that the firetrucks cant get down most narrow streets to save you in case of a fire... dont know how much good a 60litre tank will do though.... :p

  17. Re: more from riceland...

    The fire brigade obviously took a lot of inspiration from the power rangers on that one :p I wouldn't mind riding around on that and giving a doush to the stupid cagers around melbourne. "sorry mate I didn't see you...." SPRAAY :LOL:

    BTW welcome Leon. :)