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New rider in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Engrider, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I did my L's at stay upright about two weeks ago.

    Got a buddy locally who rides already, and another group of friends in the ACT. Tagged along as a civvy on the Snowy ride last year and it pushed me over that final indecision - had to do it.

    Getting help on finding a bike from my local mate, hopefully I find a decent one.

  2. Welcome mate.

    What bikes you looking at so far? Lot of common beginner bikes are GS500, SV650, Ninja 250 and 300, VTR250, GV250, GT650, among plenty of others.
  3. Welcome mate :)
  4. Siwagod, I'm seeing alot of support for the VTR250 almost everywhere, and if money was no object I think I'd be on a CB400 already (*pipedreams*). I have a lead on a Spada from a friend of a friend of a friend, but don't want to waste the sellers time till I'm a bit more familiar and more sure.

    The bigger ones....not sure. I've heard there's much to be learnt on a 250 that will stand you in good stead for later, more serious machines, and anyway I think I want to tour a bit, so I might as well save the pennies for something better, later.

    Oh and thanks ageg.
  5. VTR250s are great bikes.

    Depending on your height and weight, try a few different sizes.

    You're spot on with learning things on a 250 straight up that help later, but can have it's drawbacks too.

    If you're a decent size bloke, you might find the 250 somewhat lacking after a couple weeks once you're comfortable. Quite common to hear guys frustrated after 2-3 months because they've got no punch.

    The same token, bigger bike will handle longer rides and freeways better. More comfortable and stable with the size.

    Another thing is once moving to full licence, it'll be a much bigger system shock going from a 250 up to a proper 600, 750 or even thou if you're game.
    Power increase is enormous and you'll be instantly gaining another 100-150kg.

    Obviously these are just my views, and if you're comfortable on a 250 you find then go for it mate. I have a friend on a VTR250 and he loves it to death.
  6. I ride a spada. I'm 5'11 and about 76kg... Give or take a slab.

    I find it great for a commuter and a weekender. Sure, I'm not flying off at the lights or impressing some young teenieboppers.... But I am riding one of the best 250's and the handling is so easy, lots of time spent on this little machine and lots of hour still to learn and enjoy before making a leap to something bigger or exciting..... Super motard maybe ;)
  7. Thanks Siwagod, its always good to get varied opinions On this sorta stuff. I reckon I'll see how the 250 treats me to start with, I'm still a LAMing anyway. It's like anything, you gotta start somewhere.

    Ageg, thats's pretty much me in size and weight. I take that as a vote for the Spada - I keep reading it's more of a bike than most think, provided it's had it's TLC over the years.
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  8. The main advantage of getting a 250 is that you can pick one up cheap. And the power is acceptable, but just remember that even though you'll beat most cars to 100 km/h the acceleration really tapers off above that speed so country overtaking will require plenty of room and a bit of forward planning. i.e. It's the motorbike equivalent of a Corolla, not a V8 supercar - except that no Corolla was anywhere near as fun as a bike, especially through corners.
  9. +1 to this. You'll soon discover if you're just an A to B person (in that case get a scooter) or a rider and once you do the long open roads will call. I've seen many 250's struggle to get past vehicles some drivers will be considerate and move over for you to pass but others can be real twats and some even speed up so it helps to have the extra power to get past. Having said that I'd say its always good to start on a 250 especially as it will teach you to actually plan your corners and over taking . Get the experience and move up to something bigger in time.
  10. ^ please don't ever try to sway people to scooters again.....

    Always pick a motorbike over a scooter.... ALWAYS
  11. Got to separate the men from the boys somehow
  12. Lol :D
  13. So I got a VTR250. Exterior is is pretty good nick, just need to get it a service, looks like it's approaching a need for an oil change, but the RWC got it a new front tyre, and its got new rear brakes, new sparkies and one new front fork seal.

    Going to get some maintenance aids (...that sounds a bit dirty doesn't it?) tommorrow.Then I gotta get gear. So not quite bikeborne yet, but its getting closer and closer.

    Bring it on.
  14. Welcome mate