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New rider in central coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by D3athT0uch666, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Hi my name is Matthew, I am 17 and I just obtained my L's for motorcycles. I just moved up here and don't have my car license nor people to gain my 120 hours of driving hence why I got a motorcycle license. I am kind of a motorbike noob so yeah. Once I get a bike and feel comfortable on the road I will be looking forward to meeting up with people and riding.

  2. Welcome Matthew. You will not regret your decision to go two wheels! Lot's of good info on this forum for noob's so search for just about any topic & someone will have raised it before.

    You looking at getting any particular bike whilst on your L's?
  3. Welcome Matthew, there are a few members up your way, maybe you can catch up with some for a ride. Hopefully you will get the Motorcycle bug and it will give you many hours of fun. Most of us around here look on it more than a form of transport. :)

    So what sort of bike are you after? HERE is the NSW Learner Approved list although I am sure some of the other members will be along to push their favorites. ;)

    Check the link below for what other Netriders have for sale

  4. Welcome :)
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  5. Welcome, I'm from terrigal. Might see u on the road someday. I'll be on a noisy as black night rod prob going too fast
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  6. welcome lots info for noobs and if you're inclined pics of boobs enjoy it all:]
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  7. Welcome to NR !
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  8. Welcome
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  9. #9 D3athT0uch666, Jun 17, 2014
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    Yeah planning on doing those learner rides you guys do every sat, It's about an hour and a half away from me, I am new here and don't know anyone nor anywhere but luckily I've got a motorcycle mounted GPS :) I wanted to get a cbr250rr but they are too expensive, then I wanted a KTM 390 duke but too expensive again. I am going to look at a bike tomorrow and it's a orange body and purple seated Hyosung gt250 :) Hope to see all you on the road

  10. How much they asking for that bike mate ?
  11. $1300 negotiable, no rego
  12. Well look on the bright side - it'll get you fit pushing it around ;)

    Welcome Matt
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  13. #13 D3athT0uch666, Jun 17, 2014
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    Some things fell through, cant get the bike because of money :c I was really excited too. oh well :p don't really like naked bikes. time to save again -.-

    fffuuuu... just realised I need a bike soon as I start work soon and some days I have to be there at six am and the buses dont start until then, shit. D;
  14. That's a pretty good price.
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  15. The bank's got plenty of money. Borrow some at a sensible loan rate and pay it off as soon as you can. Get a decent bike. look after it and it'll work out a very cost effective way of transport. My bike SAVES me $100 a week as opposed to using a car every day - by that reckoning i'm $5K a year better off. Or a newer bike every year or so if i wish.
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  16. #16 D3athT0uch666, Jun 17, 2014
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    Can't get a loan, that was what I was going to do but I am not 18, I am currently not employed, I haven't had the same job for 12 months (apparently that matters) and I haven't been living in the same address for 12 months (apparently that matters too) :c it's all good, once I start work I should be fine

    Yeah it is but I have $0 :c

    I don't mean to sound stingy or anything like that but I seriously need a bike to travel to and from work, is there anyone with a LAMs bike that they aren't using that I could borrow for a while until I get my own bike or atleast let me pay it off over a few weeks??
  17. You have a lot to learn about forums and adults giving their bikes to teens mate.
    That aint gonna happen.
    there's the insurance issue, etc etc etc