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New Rider In Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Patski, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Hello all, Patski here.

    I'm 26, speak polish, own a cat which I'm allergic to and pretty shy.

    Here's my story
    One month ago my friend took me out on the back of his cb400. From the moment I got off the bike I was infected.

    It would come in waves, at first when a bike rode past me on the way to work it would trigger that longing. When customers came into work in their gear it would trigger.

    Then the motolog binge kick in, my whole feed was choc full of moto vlogs. About two weeks in bikes would randomly come into my mind all the time. I would be making breakfast BAM, getting changed BAM, doing laundry BAM, on the toilet BAM. Hell bikes would even pop into my mind halfway through me polishing my staff which would only make me finish even quicker!

    After 3 weeks I started my lessons, got my license on Sunday just gone, bought my CBR500R on Monday , now it's Wednesday and it is the longest week ever because I get my bike on Saturday.
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    Welcome Pat with a cat.
    You've got the bug, where are you from ?

    Hell am I slow this morning or what ?
  3. Welcome mate. If your ever up for a ride with someone there are a few of us in brisbane that would be up for it. :)
  4. Welcome, I reckon waiting for the bike to come is always the hardest bit.
  5. If you're allergic to it, don't patski the catski. Why do you have a cat when you're allergic to it? Did Mrs Patski nag you for it until you decided that living without being able to breathe would be more tolerable than living with the constant nagging? Yeah, I've been there, done that... ;)

    Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes!

    Another day down, rather stormy today, hope it does not rain on Saturday.

    That would be nice, I had a quick squiz in the rides section but it was pretty lacking.

    Spot on Danny.
    My woman wanted a kitty, I did not. So we compromised and got a kitty...
    It's fine as long as I don't touch my face after touching the cat and wash my hands.

    Here's my latest present from her, to be fair I did scratch her belly for 20 seconds straight.

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