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New rider in Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spotman, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all!
    Well after "riding" a 125 Scooter for 9 months I have finally picked up my first motorcycle. Grabbed a new Suzuki GS 500 yesterday and trashed the clutch all the way home! :(
    I ride to work every day (about 16ks each way) so am looking forward to learning to operate the new ride more smoothly.
    Any tips on getting the gear changes smoother much appreciated!
    Anyway, I've already learnt heaps from this site and am really keen to improve my (non-existent) skills!
    Two cool things already happened: got a head nod from another rider (never happen on a scoot!) and met another new rider while parking this morning and had a chat. :)

    John B
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  2. Welcome John, clutch control is about practice. Find an empty car park or housing estate that hasn't been built on yet and work your way up through the gears then down again and brake to a stop, again and again and again. From a stop release the clutch gently until you feel the friction point where the bike starts to move just so you get a feel for its action.

    You may want to check the clutch lever adjustment to make sure it is adjusted so you can easily manipulate it and is not too far for you to reach or at a bad angle.
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  3. Thanks Chris!
    I spend a bit of time yesterday in a carpark replicating the Qride test stuff, emergency stop, slow ride and countersteering which helped. Like you said...practice practice!
  4. Welcome to the forum spotman! The clutch control will be like second nature soon & you commute daily so you'll get it in no time. Like Chris said practise, practise, practise!! Ah see your from brissy, so im might see you on a ride sometime!
  5. Welcome John. Yep, ditto above and then try not to think about it. The more you think about changing the more you stuff it up. Pressure with the foot, roll off throttle/pull in clutch, change. When you get familiar with the friction point it all happens nicely in a smooth sequence. Not that I can talk.
  6. Welcome to NR John
  7. welcome john. i had the same issue and someone here suggested to look up on youtube "roadcraftnottingham" he has a video on smooth changes and a few other helpful videos
  8. G'Day John and welcome.

    I ride in from the West every day (almost) if you want to tag along.
  9. Welcome to NR Spotman!

    Getting used to the clutch won't take you long at all. Practice up and down your driveway or in a carpark somewhere. You should have a handle on it after a couple of hours of stop starting etc..

    Good luck
  10. Hey dude .. fellow Briz-vegas rider here! Don't worry too much about learning things mate.. it will come with countless hours in the seat. How good is the bike community! :) Gotta love the head nods and random chats with people you don't know... that's the beauty of the moto. Respect! :)
  11. Thanks mate! In fact I have already watched most of his vids...excellent tips.
    Of everything I've read and watched his instruction on pre-loading the shifter helped the most by far! Makes a huge difference and is providing more and more smooth changes each day.
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  12. good to hear you found him helpful. did you also notice that just before he changes he backs the throttle off to a neutral position (so hes not accelerating or decelerating). that part has also helped me alot
  13. Thanks for the offer Havachat, much appreciated.
    I ride in from Albany Creek each day so other side of town.
  14. mmm forgot about that bit, must think about that on the way home this afternoon.
    Trying to do a bit of "blipping" on downchanges also, sometimes I get it right....
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  15. hi Dude