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New Rider in Brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mdart, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone my name is Mark I have been riding now for a few weeks, I ride a kawasaki ZZR600. I got my licence through Qride at Brookside (Morgan and wacker) the main instructor Nathan was great. I am now driving the gateway motorway everyday which can be a bit scary. I am not sure about going down the left hand side to avoid the traffic but i am attempting this slowly. I wait for other bikes to come past and try to follow them but not having much luck. I would love to get with some experienced drivers for some tips.

  2. hey mate, welcome, don't rush yourself when it comes to filtering through, especially if the traffic is still moving. you'll get the hang of it. I'm from Brisvegas myself, moved here about 7-8 months ago now... seeya about dude...
  3. heya mdart... welcoe to the world of riding :) i'm in bris too.. aslo did my licence through qride (pro honda).... i've only been riding now for almost 3 months... i still not too confident in filtering the traffic... i never try to do it on the shoulders... not too confident for that... and only spilt the cars when they not moving.... following other riders is good... lets you see what they are doing... but i'm not confident either following someone when they are splitting traffic... always think one of us are gonna get caught in the traffic he he... just dont rush your riding... enjoy every day that you do... and always try to improve yourself :)
  4. Thanks I feel like going down the middle sometimes but I am too worried. The other thing that scares the crap out of me is a cople of spots along the Gateway like near the airport are really windy, but I am getting more confident
  5. yeah the wind is something that always worried me... i always worried that it would push me over!!!! but yousort of learn to get used to it so that you dont really notice it too much until it is a windy day.... everything just takes time i guess... is what i keep telling myself too :) only split if you feel you can... never try things that ou arent comfortable doing... is when things could go wrong i reckon... in that same sense we should always try something when riding... i'm always trying something little... like hitting an apex on a certain corner on the way to work... or leaning into a corner instead of the hip swivel... always tryin to better my riding :)
  6. I made a mistake after the first week on the bike, I took a second look to the right going into a tight roundabout. I looked up and ther was the curb on the roundabout. I went up the curb and dropped the bike. I cracked the plate that holds the foot bracket and gear lever. Also scratched the fairing. Learnt a valuable lesson look once and then commit to the corner because if you look to the right you will go right./
  7. hey dude, i'm still quite teh n00b myself... sorta :)

    Did my Q Ride through StayUpright in like october or something last year. I'm blitzing the filtering like a pro these days . Cuts my commute in to the Valley in half! It took me a while to grow the balls to do it, but once you're over that hurdle it becomes second nature.

    Good to see more Brisvegans on here too :)

    see ya round!
  8. oh bugger.. thats not good mate... sounds like your poor bike knows how to handle a scramble already he he... is one of the things they impressed upon us in the course i did... look up and where ya wanna go.... i still findit hard in the tight corners though... still practicing.... got the irrisistable urge to look down or at the road just ahead of me instead of where i'm wanting to go..... will come with time i guess....
  9. yeah Balmy Qride hammered into us the importance of kepping your head up, and they also told me not to look again when turning a corner because you could end up in the oncoming traffic. Lucky it was only a roundabout.