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New Rider in BNE

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pobblebonk, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Hello!

    So I've been away from the forum for a few weeks since I joined. I've been in Vietnam [surrounded by xe om!] for two weeks and back now two weeks.

    Back on the bike.

    I upgraded my helmet today to a Shoei. I have a leather jacket but I am still waiting on the kevlar jeans and proper gloves to fit me to come in.

    Am looking for someone who lives in Brisbane, Western Suburbs who doesn't mind a tagalong who can't go very fast [on a Sachs 150, yes, go ahead and laugh, but I'm the same size as hobbits from middle earth I can't really ride anything big]. Or go for a ride sometime?

    Anyway, I have a question that probably sounds really stupid, but am I supposed to change the visor on my helmet if I'm riding around at night? Or will the reflection visor be safe for night riding?

    Please feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Poddle, welcome back to vegas! I'm at Runcorn but I have a busted leg and no ride, so I'm not a lot of help. I'm sure somebody'll put their hand up for you though.

    I don't know about the visor. I personally don't wear tinted or trick visors at night, but that's just me.

    Who are xe om? Sounds like an Intel server chip.
  3. Hi KneeDragon. It's actually Pobblebonk, or Pobbs, but good try! LOL

    I just read a thread saying they are illegal, but MEH.

    I was riding my bike the other day and some idiots in a car were right up my ass [I was doing the speed limit, sad me] and when they realised I was a 'chick riding that bike' they yelled all kinds of things at me so I decided to get a girly looking helmet with a tinted visor so at least they can't see the disgusted look on my face next time it happens.

    Xe Om, is Vietnamese for Motorbike. The things they do on bikes over there, w.w.w.wow.
  4. Ah, I see. The thing Clarkson fell off - right. I have seen some video, and yes, when you have the whole family and both your pigs on the postie, that tends get round-eye's attention.

    We have been discussing a little bit what to do - as a girl - when d1ckheads in cars give you grief. Wish we had better answers but we don't.
  5. In a nutshell tinted visors are not considered illegal, they just don't meet Australian standards, you will notice your clear visor has a sticker on it, a tinted visor will not.

    The police don't care if you use one, hell I think bike cops have been seen with them on, BUT, if they caught you using one at night the may get a bit more serious about it, also wearing one of those at night would not be safe due to it cutting down your ability to see in the dark.

    I often carry my clear visor with me, just in-case, if you have a small tank bag or rack on the back of the bike with a bag, or even a small backpack, should fit in any of those easily..
  6. Oh yes, whole family, the pigs, and the TV cabinet! I even saw a mother riding one down the main highway doing about 60klms/70klms breastfeeding her baby!

    When I was buying my 'girly looking helmet' a man standing behind me in the counter said 'Wow, is that helmet for you? That's very girly looking'. ????? Maybe I should have gone all out and got the pink one.

    Thank you for that. I will try to take my clear visor with me if I'm going to be out at night inside the helmet bag.
  7. They usually have etched into the visor that they are for daytime use only.

    If you are caught out by accident with it, its no major problem as you can still see through it (or visor up if you're going slow or have glasses). It is best to avoid it where possible however as you get much more visibility with the clear visor.

    Also welcome to the forum and biking in brisbane (y)
    Might see you round the streets one day :)
  8. Hi DragonCypher. Yes, that is where I saw the warning, for daytime use only. Wish this rain was P.O. I was hoping to go for a ride today so here's hoping for a break in the weather tomorrow!
  9. iam at zillmere and ride the western suburbs daily (my chosen route to work tho the rain is starting to peeve me off a bit) and iam always up for a ride
  10. When you are just learning, you really should start on a smaller bike, but after you get some experience, dont let short height stop you from riding anything you like. I am 5 foot 1 inch and not very strong at all, but I ride an 1100cc quite happily, Im sure you could too. Tinted visors - probably not good at night. Other than that, ok, but on cloudy days, I wouldnt wear sunglasses along with a tinted visor. Here is a group on here called Brisbane Netriders, they go for group rides once a month or so.
  11. Oh, one other thing, Pobble, some guys in cars will give you grief once they see you are a girl riding a bike. Just look at my thread started last week called "what should I have done here". Best way to handle anyone hassling you (so I now realise) is just pull over and let them go on their merry way.
  12. Hi again Ametha. I am on a smaller bike, a 150cc. I quite like it for where I'm at at the moment, I'm happy with the weight of it too [I weigh less than 50kgs and I'm as weak as I look so I didn't want something that would overbalance me easily so my first bike is PERFECT for me, although I realise it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, hey, at least I'm out there giving it a go].

    I alternate between wearing contact lenses and my prescription glasses anyway so I'm not used to wearing sunglasses often, so no LOL no sunnies and tinted visor.

    I'm sure I'll bring myself to along to a Netrider ride one day, if I think no one is going to laught at me.

    Thanks for that advice. I'll read your thread. Why is that? Why do guys give girls on bikes any sort of grief? Is it because we're on them and they're not, and that treatens their manhood?
  13. Bit out of the blue, but how do you feel about riding on the highway on your little bike. I was thinking of going out to QR next Sunday I think it is, to watch the track day for a couple of hours or so.

    There might be a few locals thinking similarly?

    There are some more interesting out and back routes too, without stretching the distance too far.

    Maybe a cross reference to the QR track day thread.......

  14. Hi Garry. I can handle 90klms on the highway which I've done riding along the new Ipswich Motorway which is top speed is 90klms anyway, and lower in the roadworks sections, I'm okay with the highway. PM if you are going to go!
  15. If you are going to qr, come say hello i should be there in a cbr400
  16. Hi Pobble, please dont think it happens often, because it doesnt. I just thought it worthy of mention because its fresh in my mind, although its only happened to me the once. 99.99% of riders and drivers treat lady riders with the utmost respect.
  17. It doesn't just happen to female riders, but I imagine it'd be worse.

    You want to know about scary? Going to the premier of Mad Max at the cinema in Kempsie, and leaving, realising you're the only motorcycle in a car park full of Holden V8 panel vans, and everybody is measuring you up for a coffin.
  18. Ok, will do!

    Thanks. I took a detour today to the local shopping centre, and carried my helmet around, and the looks I was getting was a bit daunting, like staring at me or my helmet, that I ended up not bothering to window shop, I just got the hell out of there! LOL

    Panel Vans. LOL.