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New Rider in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Traff, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    The name is Traff and I've just gotten my L's for riding a bike (at 43!). Looking to get a bike in the coming weeks, probably an XVS650

    Have been reading through this forum, some great advice and tips. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to NR , Traff !
  3. Howdy, welcome aboard, lots of good rides around our little town.
  4. where r you
    Im northeast
  5. welcome traff :]
  6. Hi Traff, nice to see so many fellow Adelaideans on here. We'll have to get together at some point.
  7. Welcome, from not too far from Adelaide.
  8. ^^^Up in them thar mountains in a log cabin with his cousin Myrtle, she's awful purty too.
  9. Yeah house should be started soon. Had soil sample done just waiting on engineering. Expensive footings so far but it is a 6 bedroom house. Not quite a log cabin but I've been known to sleep wherever when I get drunk, lucky I have a big block with plenty of soft plants to lie in and rocks for my pillows. Would love to make my new place a ride meet place
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  10. Ah bugger it. The weather's plenty good enough. I had a lovely ride down to Strathalbyn and back today. The road between Mt Barker and Woodchester is terrific; 100 kph limit, well-surfaced and with plenty of bends. The road back from Strath has too many gravelly corners though.

    So who wants to meet up?
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  11. Yeah mate , I'm in , but not this weekend as I'm riding to Pt Lincoln and back. I'd say @RRdevil@RRdevil will be in if he's around as well .
  12. Today was another great day for riding in the hills. I went down to Woodchester, Callington, Nairne, Lobethal, Athelstone and home via Montacute, Ashton, Piccadilly. 147 km in total. Nice to see a few bikes out and about, but not so great to see all the cars driving 15 kph under the limit everywhere. Why do they do that??

    And what is all that grey cement dust crap all over the road at the bottom of the Gorge?
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  13. I'm assuming you mean the bit after Corkscrew Rd and before the weir ? It's from the Holcim Australia quarry trucks.
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  14. Might be able to squeeze a Saturday ride in for anyone keen
  15. Hey all. Thanks for all the welcomes. So today was a "red letter day" for me, bought my first road bike. I think I've done rather well, it's a 2014 Yamaha XVS650 with only 2200km on the clock, Vance & Hines exhaust and is absolutely pristine. Hopefully we'll get some decent weather in the next few days so I can ride it!!! Very excited.
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  16. Awesome stuff , Traff , well done !
  17. Hi mate, I'm in Magill. Got my bike today (2104 XVS65). Would welcome any tips/suggestions/advice you may have.

  18. I might have a few tips/suggestions/advice for you.